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Analyzing the Performance of Individual with Visual Impairment and Their Sighted Counterparts in English Methodology in Teacher Training School

Analyzing the Performance of Individual with Visual Impairment and Their Sighted Counterparts in English Methodology in Teacher Training School

In comparison, individuals with visual impairment are less mobile and active in the training school, compared to the normal students who are capable of seeing everything in the environment. The mobility performance of these visually impaired students requires a lot of encouragement, determination, self esteem and confidence; in order to learn in a school setting as to compare to the students who have sense of sight. For the blind students, they really need assistance and attention to be able to adjust in the fast- moving educational environment that we have today. Additionally, based on the research made, there are many blind students who have tough times in reading what is written on the board. Their eye condition caused them less active in class discussion and even has a hard time of absorbing the daily lessons inside the classroom. In this connection, there are many instances that these visually impaired students are left behind in the class to avail special classes with their teachers. Furthermore, faculty members and their fellow students should be more considerate on the way they interact with them. Obviously, they are no match as to compare with the normal students in achieving academic performance; but, they can excel in their own special way, if they would be given chances and room for improvements to prove their self worth. They should be treated fairly and with due respect as individuals. Normal people in the school setting must see to it that they receive equal treatments and accommodations as the sighted students do. It is very important for them to make them realize and feel that they are functional and capable of learning new things and ideas that will help them learn how to survive and hurdle challenges and issues that complex environment always offers to humans. More than that, teachers or educators must exert their best effort to help these visually impaired students to adapt the learning skills and knowledge through effective and efficient learning strategies and approaches that will both help them to develop their cognitive skills and abilities. By doing this, they will be inspired and motivated to learn with new teaching tools and techniques that will eventually help them to become familiar and abreast with modern learning strategies such as computer-based discussion, videos and tapes that will help them to absorb lessons in a more comprehensive way.


So, it is advisable for the parents, to give full understanding, medical assistance and full support to their children with existing low-vision eye condition. There are many instances at present time, which individuals with low vision eye condition still excel in their field of profession as long as they are provided with the right eye glasses and other magnification tools. In the same manner, there still a need for a comprehensive medical assistance; and continuous eye check up with the ophthalmologist. The same thing goes to the blind students; they also entitle to learn series of techniques and strategies to be able to live independently and functionally despite their medical condition; and one effective learning strategy is to take Morse code course. There are orientation and mobility specialists who can be consulted to determine and assess the eye condition of the blind students. By this way, the medical specialists can help in the effective training that would give great benefits to the students with blindness cases. Remember, there are a lot of vision impaired students in the various universities who even do outstanding jobs as far as their studies are concerned.


Moreover, visually impaired students are being trained to use assistive technology in public schools in other countries. Most visually impaired students attend regular classes in the same classrooms. They have the same teachers as their sighted counterparts do. However, the main difference is that, the visually impaired students are using Braille textbooks; which are in large print or audio form. However, in some other countries, the use of computers with special software is integrated in the schools for them. This software allows the computer to read aloud the information or data that appear on the screen to the blind students. Even, at home, they can use their computers to listen to large text based materials. Nonetheless, it appears that they are not given top priorities by the government in using modern assistive technology in their education. Many poor visually impaired students are not able to avail assistive technology in the public schools; compared to affluent students who are being enrolled to private or special schools that provide them with complete modern learning facilities.



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