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Hospitality Industry deals with tourism industry and its services including hotel and restaurants, travel industry, leisure activities and other business that caters to these types of services. Through this we can say that tourism industry is very much associated with the use of communication and information technology in fact basic computers like IBM and electronic equipment has been used for more than 50 years of the world’s best hotel industries worldwide, this is their basic tools in dealing with local and international clientele.

The emergence of the internet during the 90’s provide even more impact in their services of tourism, they have gathered enormous amount of clients all over the world using online transaction, the use of credit cards and other online payment and the transfer of fund has become tremendously easy in just a click of a button. Promotion and media participation and interaction with individuals and companies has been outstanding to generate outcome in their companies. They are able to penetrate their targeted market through constant advertisement on the worldwide web. The tourism industry has become very active all over the world and Information and Communication Technology has been the gateway of their existence.

The Ritz Carlton Naples Hotel in Florida is a very sophisticated hotel using the finest Information Technology at its best, there are flat screen on every room and Wi-Fi access all over the hotel so you can do all your computing wherever you go. They also have a high tech and wide lounges for clients computing that includes Mac workstation and PC that you can choose from. There are Xbox and Nintendo Wii with the latest games available. This hotel is suited for family and business travelers.

Sheraton Center in Toronto Canada has all the best features for individual and business groups their advance features in information and communication technology include a Cisco network that allows you to connect audio visual presentation in most parts of the United States and other countries. This features allows you to communicate all over the world while your in just a single place and the connection will not be congested or traffic even if you multi-task, powered by Tata Communication. Definitely a classic and well loved by top executives.

Aria Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is one of the most high tech hotel using fiber optic intelligence and computerized facilities, your card sensors to open the door, the lights turn on automatically as you walk by the curtain opens and when you sleep the lights turn off. This feature is a really impressive and well maintained hotel that may not be available in other hotels.

One of the most high tech cruise ship in the world is the Disney dream cruise has an interactive dream floor that you can use to play with children using the floor to tell stories and chat with friends using high speed computers, motion sensors for automatic door opening and big screen LCD’s can be found. These features have definitely loved by customers to come back for more because they have experience the most high tech travel of their life.

Inamo Swish Oriental Restaurant in London, England is and interactive restaurant using state of the art information technology to order in your table computer based menu. Their table also include internet and games while you eat, While Spacus Restaurant is another high tech restaurant without waiters, simply order your food and your order will be delivered through ladder steel bars. Both of these restaurants has a full pack customers every night because of their high tech facilities.

South West Airlines probably the first ticketless airlines and their customers uses only online transaction including all the high tech facilities that the customers can choose from providing information and communication comfort, safe and secured travel is their guarantee to customers.

I City Wonderland is a city of light all theme park attraction is made of bright colorful led lights with artificial forest trees like maple and pine trees are all made of lights. During the night you can see a city of bright shapes including peacocks, lantern, and Cherrie blossoms. An evident imagery of technology and craftsmanship of the best programmers and technician combined.

The revolutionary approach in hospitality industry has gained their reputation through high advancement in Information and Communication Technology, it surpasses the expectation of hospitality industries and their customers all over the world by using these technology they have provided them more services and basically more productivity on their part.


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