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Implications of Telecommunication commitments of Pakistan in WTO/GATT

Some people do not see international trade favourably: here a child protests against the WTO in Jakarta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Background of the Study The birth of the World Trade Organization (WTO) eleven years ago was to serve the purpose of having a formal entity with extensive responsibility in international economic affairs.  Sampson, (2001) stated that the WTO is undeniably a major player in the field of global governance, and its rules and processes will profoundly affect the future economic and political orientation of its member-countries. The WTO was established to perform very significant functions: freer trade among member-countries, a conventional set of rules in the conduct of global trade transactions and as a mediator between international trade conflicts.             The humongous responsibility put upon the organization has been faced with criticisms over the years.  Critics claim that the aim of WTO to liberalize trade and foster economic prosperity do not…

Proposal: Micro Payments and Self Help Groups (SHG)

Mobile Bank-SHG Linkage, Uttar Pradesh, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Proposal: Micro Payments and Self Help Groups (SHG) Introduction For organisations practicing Micro Payments and Self Help Groups (SHG), Debt collection is their integral part of the credit management unit that secures payments from the debtor. Actually, a credit management unit usually handles these transactions where before, most banks perform this activity by hiring their own debts collection agent. With the advent of the business phenomenon of outsourcing during the early 1990s, whose foremost aim is to cut costs of doing business, a sizeable number of collection agencies have surfaced to provide the banks with the service of debt recovery. Whichever way the banks choose to collect the debts owed to them, problems arise which require the intelligent planning of the credit management unit of the institution. Bass (1998, p.93), in his book ‘Credit Management’, stated that ‘Effective collections do not just happen. …

Parents and Teacher Contribution Towards the Study of English Language in Primary School in Nigeria

School children in Tamil Nadu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Betonwerksteinskulptur "Lehrer-Student" von Reinhard Schmidt in Rostock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Parents and Teacher Contribution Towards the Study of English Language in Primary School in Nigeria Introduction According to a Malayan proverb, "Melentur bulah semasa masih rebung".In English, it means "To bend the bamboo start with the shoot".Young children learn best in an environment which provides them with an interactive role in the learning process. And this should start in the early years of a child. For this are the critical years when he starts to gain enough knowledge he will need as he grows. Teachers, therefore have an important role in the learning process of these individuals. However, the traditional approach which is dominant in Nigeria, does not assist the teachers in constructing a learning environment appropriate to the needs and learning styles of young children. New strategies and devel…

Proposed Thesis Title: The impact of Globalisation to the Development of Livelihood Programs in Rajasthan, India

English: Ladies of Rajasthan, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Research Proposal Proposed Thesis Title: The impact of Globalisation to the Development of Livelihood Programs in Rajasthan, India
Introduction More often, the term globalisation is being perceived by these challenges.  Globalisation, has acquired considerable emotive force. Globalisation has its own meaning from different individuals.  For some, globalisation is a process that is beneficial, i.e. a key to the future world economic development and also inevitable and irreversible.  Others regard it with hospitality even fear, believing that it increases inequality within and between nations or organisations, threatens employment and living standards and thwarts social progress.  Globalisation has its own style of offering extensive opportunities for truly worldwide development but it can be seen that it s not progressing evenly.  Some nations or organisations are becoming integrated into the global economy faster than the other…