September 9, 2011


According to medical study, breastfeeding is the very important benefit that an infant can get from her mother. Furthermore, continuous breastfeeding for six months of life is the best protection of the babies from various diseases like diarrhea, polio, skin diseases among others. Similarly, it strengthens the immune system and lungs of the babies; as well as it boost the mental ability of the babies. More than that, many mothers in Doha Qatar, do not know the benefits of breastfeeding their babies is the most effective way to protect them from ovarian cancer, breast cancer and osteoporosis. In the same way, it strengthens the relationship of the baby to his or her mother. In fact, this is the most economic way of feeding their babies economically, but nutritionally. As a result of the survey made in Qatar, 65 percent of mothers are breastfeeding their babies, while 35 percent do not practice breastfeeding. In addition to that, there are 53 % of mothers who are both aware of breastfeeding protection for them against any diseases. In view of this, it is obvious that mothers in Qatar are breastfeeding their babies just to follow traditions. But, they do not have complete knowledge about the great benefits of breastfeeding to them and to their babies’ health. Moreover, it is also revealed in this study that some mothers do not practice breastfeeding in some women hospitals in Doha, Qatar, because they are not aware and knowledgeable about tremendous advantages of breastfeeding.
Therefore, the first objective of this research is to determine if mothers in Doha, Qatar are knowledgeable and aware about the benefits of breastfeeding to their own health, as well as to their babies. Second, is to know the reasons why some mothers in Doha, Qatar do not practice breastfeeding with their newly born babies. Third, is to gather vital information about the attitude and perception of mothers towards breastfeeding in some women’s hospitals in Doha, Qatar. A related literature shows that in some women’s hospitals in the said country; breastfeeding has been associated with socioeconomic conditions among women in their society. Based on the survey made among 340 women in Qatar, it is revealed that only 32 percent of the mothers exclusively breast feed their babies since birth. This low rate of breastfeeding cases is attributed by the massive media advertisement by various formula companies, as well as the growing power of the Qataris. It is found out that 515 percent of the mothers used both breast milk and formula. However, 13 percent only used bottle feeding for their infants. More than that, 50 percent of below average income mother’s breast feed their babies in a full time basis. Nevertheless, only 12 percent from the higher income group breast feed their babies. While 55 percent of mothers who just acquired elementary education, breast feed their infants completely. On the other hand, only 25 percent of group of mothers who acquired secondary and college education breastfeed their babies. The descending rate of breastfeeding mothers in Doha, Qatar, which has been observed since 1980s; is being given serious attentions to some women’s
hospitals in the country. Most of the physicians are recommending the mothers to breastfeed their babies, especially while in the hospitals.
In any case, public health practitioners must do their best effort to disseminate information about the advantages of breastfeeding practice among mothers in the region. Mother’s milk is highly recommended by most doctors, and strongly supported by different health organizations together with various sectors of government because it provides complete nutrients to the infants. Similarly, offers tremendous advantages and benefits to the well being of both mother and child. Equally important, the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until two years of age of the child. Continuous breastfeeding for the first six month of life of the babies is greatly crucial for fighting various diseases, until they are growing up. For the nutritional components of mother’s milk are multifunctional to human bodies. It has bacteriostatic and immune modulating properties for easy digestion; it is anti inflammatory, and very economical. Significantly important is the benefit of loosing weight for the breastfeeding mothers after giving birth.
As a result most mothers, who belong to rich families in the State of Qatar, do not breastfeed their babies. This is more impossible among highly educated mothers with high positions in different industries. Possibly because of the wrong information they have got about breastfeeding or they do not have proper educational system about the real benefits of breastfeeding to their children.

Analyzing the Performance of Individual with Visual Impairment and Their Sighted Counterparts in English Methodology in Teacher Training School

Analyzing the Performance of Individual with Visual Impairment and Their Sighted Counterparts in English Methodology in Teacher Training School

In comparison, individuals with visual impairment are less mobile and active in the training school, compared to the normal students who are capable of seeing everything in the environment. The mobility performance of these visually impaired students requires a lot of encouragement, determination, self esteem and confidence; in order to learn in a school setting as to compare to the students who have sense of sight. For the blind students, they really need assistance and attention to be able to adjust in the fast- moving educational environment that we have today. Additionally, based on the research made, there are many blind students who have tough times in reading what is written on the board. Their eye condition caused them less active in class discussion and even has a hard time of absorbing the daily lessons inside the classroom. In this connection, there are many instances that these visually impaired students are left behind in the class to avail special classes with their teachers. Furthermore, faculty members and their fellow students should be more considerate on the way they interact with them. Obviously, they are no match as to compare with the normal students in achieving academic performance; but, they can excel in their own special way, if they would be given chances and room for improvements to prove their self worth. They should be treated fairly and with due respect as individuals. Normal people in the school setting must see to it that they receive equal treatments and accommodations as the sighted students do. It is very important for them to make them realize and feel that they are functional and capable of learning new things and ideas that will help them learn how to survive and hurdle challenges and issues that complex environment always offers to humans. More than that, teachers or educators must exert their best effort to help these visually impaired students to adapt the learning skills and knowledge through effective and efficient learning strategies and approaches that will both help them to develop their cognitive skills and abilities. By doing this, they will be inspired and motivated to learn with new teaching tools and techniques that will eventually help them to become familiar and abreast with modern learning strategies such as computer-based discussion, videos and tapes that will help them to absorb lessons in a more comprehensive way.


So, it is advisable for the parents, to give full understanding, medical assistance and full support to their children with existing low-vision eye condition. There are many instances at present time, which individuals with low vision eye condition still excel in their field of profession as long as they are provided with the right eye glasses and other magnification tools. In the same manner, there still a need for a comprehensive medical assistance; and continuous eye check up with the ophthalmologist. The same thing goes to the blind students; they also entitle to learn series of techniques and strategies to be able to live independently and functionally despite their medical condition; and one effective learning strategy is to take Morse code course. There are orientation and mobility specialists who can be consulted to determine and assess the eye condition of the blind students. By this way, the medical specialists can help in the effective training that would give great benefits to the students with blindness cases. Remember, there are a lot of vision impaired students in the various universities who even do outstanding jobs as far as their studies are concerned.


Moreover, visually impaired students are being trained to use assistive technology in public schools in other countries. Most visually impaired students attend regular classes in the same classrooms. They have the same teachers as their sighted counterparts do. However, the main difference is that, the visually impaired students are using Braille textbooks; which are in large print or audio form. However, in some other countries, the use of computers with special software is integrated in the schools for them. This software allows the computer to read aloud the information or data that appear on the screen to the blind students. Even, at home, they can use their computers to listen to large text based materials. Nonetheless, it appears that they are not given top priorities by the government in using modern assistive technology in their education. Many poor visually impaired students are not able to avail assistive technology in the public schools; compared to affluent students who are being enrolled to private or special schools that provide them with complete modern learning facilities.


Sample Criminal Liability of Business Corporations

Criminal Liability of Business Corporations

Criminal liability among business people give a bad impact to those committed the crimes in the industry. Many criminal activities in the business world caused many managers to lose their jobs and investments as well. It also results them to having difficulties of acquiring another jobs from the other companies. Similarly, high ranking officials and company high level managers tend to lose their human capital investments such as their work track record and skills. Aside from loosing firm- human capital resources; managers of insolvent companies suffer bad reputation in the business world. And, the tendency, no firm or client will believe or transact business with them. And, the worst thing is, even the employees who are not involved in the criminal liability in the corporation will be stigmatized by the business society. They will certainly have tough times to justify themselves as well as they will be having difficulties of finding better jobs in the industry. Moreover, there are many high ranking employees in the business who apparently involved in criminal activities such as bribing government officials, price fixing, defrauding consumers just to be able to increase their profits. Relatively, there are many business owners who taking huge risks just to remain their business liquid all the time. More often, this kind of issue leads to conflicts among owners, managers and stockholders. If the company falls down, the managers often lose their jobs. On the other hand, the shareholders in the company will be promised by the owner to have reorganization and, receive securities if the reorganization of the corporation will turn out a success. And, the companies which are convicted of a crime can lose their whole investment. Particularly, those companies that are convicted with government fraudulent acts and crimes will lose their accessibility to government business transactions. A latest study shows that corporate offenders were formally suspended from doing business with the government. The rule of thumb is that finding a new job takes one additional month for each additional $10,000 increment in salary previously earned by a manager. Criminal acts by any organization will lead to total bankruptcy.


Criminal liabilities of business corporations refer to the person who is liable for the vicarious criminal acts or omissions in a regulating corporation. In this case, there are civil laws such as injunction and payment and penalty for damages that he or she causes other party. Normally, criminal sanctions may include imprisonment, fines and community service orders from the government. In many cases, involved persons in the companies are not sent to jail, when fine is being paid. And, as long as the owner, will pay the employees’ wages and salaries, as well as the available existing profits to all shareholders of the company. The fines paid for the criminal charges, will be deducted to the total amount that will be paid to the entire workforce and shareholder of the organization. In compliance to the criminal law, formal public disapproval and condemnation; due to failure to follow the rules of law as socially accepted and codified. In this connection, police investigation can be done, however the availability of relevant capability will be restricted. With this case, prosecution will be reinforced , and respected business leaders who are liable for the charges will be called in the court, The result of the court hearing will affect greatly on the corporation’s name and reputation; as well as it will lead to a total loss of profitability in the business. Furthermore, in order to overcome the higher burden of proof, many rich companies pay their apparent fines without any effort in their part. This is in contrast to the not so affluent and stable companies that may lead to closure or bankruptcy, if they will pay the whole amount of fines charged to them by the court. However, bankruptcy protection can be availed prior to the sentencing. If the state turns always to the criminal law, it discourages self- ruling and can lead conflicts between any regulatory agencies and companies that they are regulating. The jurisdiction uses criminal and civil judgment. Political judgment is mostly used, in order to optimize the publicity of many corporate criminal cases. There are other criminal liabilities among corporations that are being proven less serious offenses. If a person or employee is found guilty of criminal acts, what ever he speaks or acts is always reflects to the company and the entire work force. Subsequently, vicarious liability does not require any proof whether he or she knows the criminal conduct. The criminal law against Business Corporation’s liability does not accept any excuse of honest and reasonable mistake.






While conducting the analysis of EMI group’s dividend policy, one factor that stood out to us was the clientele effect. The clientele effect shows us who holds most of our outstanding shares. High tax-bracket individuals would prefer zero-to-low dividend payout to save on taxes. Low tax-bracket individuals would prefer a low-to-medium dividend payout, which gives them additional income while helping them save on taxes. An investing corporation would prefer a higher dividend payout because if they own a significant amount of shares, say 1 million, the income stream from that dividend would provide the company with more monetary resources while benefitting from tax exemptions. So before setting a dividend policy for EMI group, we must first determine who holds that majority of our shares and how many shares they hold. We found that 83% of EMI’s investor base is occupied by groups or institutions that own 1,000,000 shares or more. All of the significant shareholders are large corporations, who not only prefer, but demand a high dividend yield or payout. Only 0.2% of EMI’s shareholders are individual investors who own 500 shares or less. The payment of an 8p per share dividend is a significant amount for those larger investors who own 1 million+ shares. While to the smaller investors, who own less than 500 shares, a dividend of 8p per share doesn’t seem like much. So, not paying the scheduled dividend would significantly affect those larger investors who were expecting to see a high additional income figure from the dividend payment. Therefore, these large investors would begin to unload the EMI stock from their portfolios, which would be reflected in the decline of EMI’s stock price.

The clientele effect plays a significantly large role in the process of determining EMI’s dividend policy, as does the company’s future outlook—depending on the success of the restructuring plan. Although the restructuring plan will reduce costs, there is no sign to show us what affect it will have on future revenues. As we assume future growth in digital sales, EMI should be able to cuts its costs and increase its earnings. Over the past few years, digital revenue has grown 59%. EMI has also decided to make a joint announcement with Apple (AAPL) that it will be the first major music company to offer a free digital catalog and improve sounds quality. This could possibly drive digital sales even higher. This restructuring plan gives us a positive outlook on the future of the company. With that said, keeping the dividend at 8p per share would not fool investors into thinking that the company is doing fine when it is not. Management does, in fact, believe that the future of the company is looking up.

Another big issue brought to our attention is the hypothesis of dividend signaling. What kind of message are we sending to our investors through our dividend policy? According to, dividend signaling suggests company announcements of an increase in dividend payouts act as an indicator of the firm possessing strong future prospects. A manager who has good investment opportunities is more likely to "signal" than one who doesn't because it is in his or her best interest to do so. In EMI’s case, decreasing or omitting a dividend would send out a message of defeat to investors. If investors do not think that EMI’s management has high confidence about the future, they will begin to sell their shares in the company and EMI’s stock price will further decline. So, the dividend signaling hypothesis tell us that cutting the dividend is BAD for the company as it will lose shareholders after doing so.

EMI’s current income is negative, so this poses the question: Where would the money for this dividend come from? Since the company has future near term growth with the projections of the restructuring plan, net income will (if all goes well) go up in the coming years. The best way for EMI to continue on with paying the dividend would be to take on more long-term debt in order to make these payments. Although it may not seem like a good idea to increase the company’s debt while its income is negative, it is a necessary evil because 83% (majority) of EMI’s shares are owned by corporations who prefer and demand the same scheduled dividend or they take their money and invest it elsewhere. So, with net income projected to increase in the near future through restructuring, EMI will be able to service its debt obligations while satisfying its shareholders.

Sample Research Proposal on How does Stress at a Work Place Affect Employees at Home

Research Proposal on How does Stress at a Work Place Affect Employees at Home

At this time and age, along with global crisis we are experiencing; most employees are having a hard time to cope with the stress in the work place Everyday, many employees are spending most of their time in the office rather than at their home. This is also the main reason that at the end of the day; most of them tend to be out of control, feeling exhausted and worn out after a long day work. . However, stress is already considered a normal part of any organization; regardless of positions and salary level in the company. And, the only thing to do in managing stress is to learn how to deal and cope with it. Focusing on the tasks that you do everyday, is somewhat relevant in minimizing the stress level you feel when you are doing your work. Remember, it is more relaxing, if you are doing something that you are well-knowledgeable and equipped with, rather than doing something which you are inadequately capable of. So, the bottom line is to master your tasks, in order you to do them with more ease and confidence. By this way, makes you more relaxed in your work place; at the same time you are still capable of doing your tasks when you reach home with less stress.


Based on the various studies made, too much stress of a person really affects his or her state being; up to the extent that he or she can not function effectively inside the house. In addition, many employees, especially working in a call center environment, show a lot of irate behaviors at home. Meaning, they even take with them whatever unpleasant atmosphere they encounter in their workplace. As a result, excessive stress hinders a person’s productivity, as well as it reduces the physical and emotional heath being of a person. Now, how to avoid stress getting into your nerves even at your own home…? For this kind of economy we have right now, it is inevitable to feel like you are relax and contented of what you have got. Layoffs and budget wise are very common sentiments of many workers in various industries; which caused many people to become feared and uncertain of what their future has in store for them. But, the ability to manage stress in the workplace not only improves the physical and emotional health condition of many employees; as well as it is also the basis of attaining success or failure in the workplace. And, whatever, achievements you attain in your work place, it automatically reflects on the way you behave when you arrive home. If you have a happy and stable disposition in the company your work with, the more it may show when you are with your family at home. Naturally, you are somewhat happy and proud to share whatever accomplishments you acquire in your work place. The more you are able to do your job well, the more you are inspired to do some of your stuff inside the house. Therefore, it is very important to learn some guidelines in reducing job stress; so as it will not affect your disposition towards your own family life.


Medical experts suggest that learning how to communicate effectively, is one way of avoiding stress; excellent communication and interrelation skills are crucial factors in improving your working relationships with your co-workers, as well as to your family. Aside from that, taking charge voluntarily tasks that you can do better, is another way to feel good about yourself. Plus, avoidance of procrastination habit must be taken into high consideration, in order to reducing your accountabilities in the company. Avoid negative attitudes and perceptions; they may escalate the level of stress you feel towards your work. It is best to have fun while working; and you can only do this through building good rapport and pleasant relationship with your superiors and co-workers. Moreover, every employee must be aware that excessive stress in the work place is associated with various signs and symptoms such as feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed, muscle tension or headaches, loosing confidence and less productive most of the time. All these warning signs must not be ignored, because they will cause bigger problems eventually; not only to the workplace, but also to your personal life. Nonetheless, there is no other way to prevent this to happen, but by taking care of yourself, do not set aside your personal needs, happiness and most especially your family; they are the mainstream why you are working. You must take good care first of these important personal things that you have, so that you will feel better about yourself. Always find time to get moving, get enough amount of sleep, exercise regularly, make healthy food choices, drinking moderately of alcohol without nicotine is good for your heart and blood circulation. More than anything else, fill your hear with love. Naturally, the better you feel as an individual, the better you can manage work stress without becoming overwhelmed.





Discuss how PESTEL System can be Applied in an Organization


The PESTEL or PESTLE Analysis is an important model theory in United Kingdom, it stand for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental component that is use to develop a strategic management system in an organization. It is highly recommended as important factors in an organization to consider the following external component to serve as a determinant in their position they can give a highlighted overview in understanding the growth or decline of business industry in present past and future operation. All organization can simply use the system.

The Macro and Micro analysis pertaining to business may show the strength and weaknesses through simple and complex analysis using all or any other parts of the system for these is highly influential and highly identified components of the industry and of society. Technically the organization can adjust to advance, resume or defer their plan if they found out the one of the component is likely to happen so that the risk of such occurrence may be prevented. Even if a certain business is just newly starting using the PESTEL system can be a vital tool to pursue its business at work; this analysis can set a trend in business with respect to the management or marketing plan of an organization.

Political Factor can be highly considered as a part of management and marketing plan. A certain organization may consider the stability of the rules and regulation of the government for example if a certain business exist in Asia and there is need for expansion in other neighboring countries, considering the political factors we may consider Saudi Arabia as a highly political stable nations rather than Syria or Lebanon or Iran and Iraq the political factor is always at risk and the nation is always at war may be traced through history up to their present times. If a certain political consideration is tough or unstable the organization may defer or deny expansion in such area to look for another consideration or they may not be able to grow in a certain country that lacks such political affluence. Consider what will be its policy, culture, etc?

Economic factor is a consideration in business, the first thing you need to ask would be what is their standing? What would be their inflation consideration? Will they be able to afford my products and services? The way of life of people and their buying power should be economically considered before putting up or establishing a business in such location, or it can also be dependent on your products and services.

Socio-cultural factor is a good consideration of business; they must carefully study their position in the society so they do not put their organization at risk. Consider the following; religion, attitude of the people, the population and their lifestyle. A certain company from China has established a restaurant in the Philippines without investigating their cultural preferences and later found out that they have established their store in a Muslim community who never eat meat, not just their business loses some people even curse them and condemn them for selling meat. They transfer to another location only then they have survived.

Technological factor is vital for competitive advantages of business if they have a strong foundation in technology for example in a production company who uses machineries can spend less overhead and produce more products. Depending on consideration they may adapt a certain technology like computer and other high tech gadget as basic tools to do multi task. The power of the internet and the information it can bring is outrageous they can perform online transaction that is fast, efficient, reliable and most of all it can reach a wider market all over the world. Farmer in Africa have adapted some machinery in Asia that can speed up the production of their crops the result is that they yield more than double of what they expected they also uses various fertilizer to grow their crops.

Legal factor is minimal and open consideration, a certain business old and new should understand their responsibility so as they will not be prevented or discriminated by the government. The following legal factor may affect the company on how they can operate in a certain state if they do not follow such rules example; Health and safety measures, labor law, consumer law and etc. if a certain law has been violated the government may have the rights and obligation to prevent the business from operation.

Environmental factor or environmental risk in business may be hard to prevent and identify natural climate such as storms, earthquake, climate change etc. is highly unexpected but considering the ecological balance and tourism of such location in establishing a business may be favorable to business.

Sample Recommendation for an Employee


There are various forms of letter of recommendation according to purpose but mostly letter of recommendation is used for promoting oneself when applying on a job as required by the future employer or it can also be used well as letter of recommendation references for employee. There are also letter of recommendation for petition or demotion in which case is not often used because it may be a disgrace to a recommended party. In writing a letter of recommendation for promotion of employee, honesty should be exercised if written by the supervisor to manager or employer there should also be a support in performance records and data to prove it worth in decision and a varied qualification.

Government can also write letters of recommendation from students or applicant as a referral to employer if they have a strong background or participation in their community it can be a good basic reference like a good moral character and it is what the employer need. The school guidance counselor may also give a good recommendation letters for students who would like to work as an apprentice in a certain company, usually medical schools do this to train their students they will send the letter to clinics and hospital as a recommendation for training. Usually this institution will accept such recommendation because they may highly need such student apprentice.

Let us say you are the one who are going to write the letter of recommendation for employee promotion after and the investigation, gathering of information and qualification presentation has been done the only thing that is left is the formal letter of employee recommendation in any way, you may want to include the following as a basic consideration to be effective; get a piece of paper as rough draft and the first thing you need to write is the personality of the employee whom you want to be promoted emphasize on his or her basic quality, is the person a leader in their area of assignment? Is the person performs better than the other co-workers? Is the person good in communication skills or technologically advance in something? Can they lead people? What about their attitude? Write about the previous accomplishment and things like this one to build up the person.

Finalizing your letter - Now that you know what you are going to write you a may now take the final letter to be written on a paper of about 8 ½ by 11 letter size is much better if it has a letter head. Now you can write the date on the first line, leave two spaces then write your name next would be your position and the address of your work. That would be the heading of your leader you may leave another two spaces then write the name, address and position of the person to whom you are going to write, do not address your letter to general person such as to whom it may concern or it may create a confusion who are you writing to and who will read it.

As much as possible write the full name of the person you are going to write and leave two spaces again, greet the person carefully and then state your recommendation directly as you have pre-qualified. The body of your letter is the most important part of it you must clearly identify the personality of the employee supported by other data is a powerful letter of all, this can highly move the decision maker if they have read and understand your recommendation proposal in a clear and concise manner. If you have already written everything is in the favor of the employee don’t forget the reason why they may be qualified for recommendation. Lastly you should reaffirm the reader or decision maker that you fully suggest the person for promotion. Thank the person and say a good remark, be sure that you included your contact number and say that you are free to call if they need more question.

Additional Advices: Always use a clean paper with letterhead as much as possible do not use fancy papers in a formal letters save it for other uses, don’t forget to sign your letter for authority purposes, don’t handwritten your letter unless required by the company, don’t go overboard on telling absurd and untrue qualification or it may not be accepted, always double check on your grammar. Use a well sized envelope for proportion and confidentiality and do not send letter simply stapled without envelope. What if your letter is not accepted? Don’t worry if your letter is not accepted for promotion there will always be time to write again, your recommended employee will soon find its way if they are really qualified.

September 8, 2011

Sample Gender Factor In Education Production And Recruitment


Teachers a are critical in the parts of education system in whatever parts of the country and probably around the world they are the epitome of wisdom and students acquired their behavior from their teachers because they may spend longer time with them than their parents during elementary and high school years, they served as a role model inside and outside school. Teachers have gained thorough knowledge to analyze children’s behavior but their personality still reside and apparent in their teaching style and pattern in handling children. How children thinks and react over their teachers may vary differently according to their teaching personality.

Over the years the society has evolved and most teachers has become a profession that are gender sensitive and mostly in many parts of the world this is dominated by female groups, numbers of male group has been slowly diminishing although the society has not discriminate male to perform such profession neither the school. The best teachers or education has not required a gender, anyone can teach if they want even the society does not demand female to be their teacher.

The question may somehow be what makes teaching profession dominated by female? It may require a thorough answer depending on your country and economic situation. In most parts of the world even require men to teach because they can somehow manage the toughest problematic behavior of the most sarcastic student, they may even have the strength to handle programs that require physical activities than female teachers.

Australian primary school and Australian Federal Minister for Science, Education and Training even proposed to media to advertise the recruitment of male teachers and ask for the amendment to provide scholarship for male interested in teaching profession so that they can deploy them in various schools. As you know wherever you go there are always female teachers than male the ratio is almost 8 is to 2 or lesser. The fact that male teacher can handle boys more efficiently is their prime reason.

The effects or efficiency of students ranking do not necessarily imply that teachers should be men. There are no studies that male teachers are better than male and this do not even comply with gender or sex preference but only domination and preferences of both sex which is evident for female. The payment and negligence of the government may also equate with the male preferences over this profession and this is true since male preferred professions like engineering, management and other course that makes good profit.

There is also silent social stigma not necessarily discriminative in nature that a male teacher is somehow facing since family and friend sometime even parents may thought that this profession is not suited for men whom should be employed to a more established money making profession. Somehow this silent stigma affected their decision for them to deny this profession. Even when in a working class, try asking the male teacher if they really want their profession they may sometimes say that they are there because of economic factors and family needs.

So much for male issues, since there are time that there are also women may not come to take advantage of their gender but they may be discriminated accordingly depending on their character and experience, this job requires a solidify and unquestionable character to be accepted whatever gender you may be if you possess a deliberate humiliating and undesirable character that may affect the school morality issues, one must not take this profession.

Sometimes racial- discrimination may also arise, black teacher or African American are discriminated like in the case of Michelle Maupin last 2007 she was discriminated by her co teacher as well as their students and faculty supervisor because of her color and she could no longer stand the offensive behavior of her colleague as if she was a big problem because of her color so she settled their differences in court and later awarded more than $200,000 in damages because of discrimination.

From this point of view we can conclude that education system do not require or intend to establish a gender based recruitment, as long as people can withstand and decide to conform in this noble profession they will be welcomed. Teachers do not even have to gain so much expertise and experience to become one, if they have to present their qualification their commitment and love for teaching is the best thing they can offer to the system since education requires no boundaries and borders in written personality but a reality that someone is there to impart knowledge and wisdom to their students.

Sample on the Importance of Learning in the Workplace


In todays fast pace environment where competition and economy is tough, companies and their employees must learn to adopt a new system in learning whatever position they maybe. Given their credentials and experience plus their training before taking the position will open up the opportunity for employees to master their skills and if they have the initiative they will continue to learn to add up additional knowledge because there is always an opportunity for improvement. Come to think of it even the street vendors can have extra learning opportunities in their workplace relating to the customers.

Professionals or office workers may have a monotonous job function but they have the opportunity to learn a brand new challenges if they want, they can be a part of progressive company if they have master their skills simply by learning new system or software or giving suggestions to the company or being a part of alternative solutions for employees confidence and behavior and confidence must more than they can do. Most likely if they have solved or be involved in additional activities they will not simply learn but they may also advance or take pride of the opportunity for promotions.

Kristine is just an ordinary laborer in a factory of stuff toys but during the start she never met the quota of production assigned to her. She was humiliated by her co workers because of her production, but determined; she insisted on learning to master the sewing process of every bit of pieces of stuff toys and worked until midnight without pay, and during Sunday she would take a few pieces of old clothes to be sewn at home. The result was amazing she discovered a pattern and technique in sewing that gave the company an extra product that was exported in other country. She now shares a small part of the sales of one of the toys. She is still employed but rich.

No matter how good an employee maybe there will always be a new learning opportunity inside the workplace. Rodrigo is just an office worker, he takes care of inventory and employees performance while being bored on everyday task he learned to use additional software called QuickBooks which he thought better than using Microsoft excel for this software will make their job faster and more efficient although the software is just a substitute. He has shown the difference between the usual job and what it can do. His boss is very happy about it that after a year he has given the opportunity to become a supervisor in his department.

Liberty is a salesclerk in a gift shop she thought she’ll be satisfied just arranging their product lines of beautiful garments and other stuff so customers would be the one to choose from their product lines she simply assist the buyer if they ask for it. Out of curiosity and boredom to her usual work she began to look for ways to add new customers. What she does is to arrange their product lines in a more beautiful manner, she would welcome customers and guest even if they never buy, she would install additional promotional materials in their shelves and take note of their regular customers visit and at the afternoon when customers are few, she would call some people to visit their shop. Her boss discovered that their sales during the next few months have nearly double. She was promoted to become an area supervisor to visit their branches to different location to make changes after a few months of continues success in sales.

German is just a janitor and curtain raiser in a production studio during the 60’s and every actor and actresses would make fun of him because of his thin body and fat stomach. But because of his curiosity to learn all phases of the production including floor direction, stage settings, script transcribing and production design and radio shows of the company he mastered. He has become an actor working as extra in most films of Sampaguita Pictures as a comedian. And because of his good attitude and persistence to learn and adopt new things he eventually became a host in a noontime show during the 70’s that gave birth to his title master showman. He became a great talent scout and discovered so many talents in the local showbiz industry in the Philippines and probably one of the most respected and highly influential men in the industry.

All the stories above happened in real life they have learned to master their skills in the workplace, the opportunity is always there when you are employed you just have to learn to love your job in order for you to create a leap and an extra mile to step up to be the best you can. They have taken the wisdom of Henry David Thoreau that “If one advances confidently to the direction of their dreams and endeavor to lead life which they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours”. To sum it all up, the importance of learning inside the workplace and if you can keep pursuing it, is almost always a success on your part.

The Importance of Horticulture and Landscape in our Surrounding Sample


Horticulture is a planting system that deals with small scale production of various crops, vegetables, flowers and other plants. It is an industry and breeding process of plants and soil cultivation for the improvement of gardening process. There are various types or horticulture and there are reasons why horticulture and horticultural plants is important in our life and these are the following;

1. Horticultural planting can improve the quality of our land through constant cultivation of land that releases various minerals and makes the land more improved and abundant for plants to grow through natural process, the release of air opens up the soil for the plant to breathe making them more susceptible to air and water making the plants healthier and greener.

2. Employment Generation, through this horticultural process is a million dollar industry all around the world. Anyone who has a small piece of land including their backyard can learn to produce plants; vegetables, flower or even small trees and shrubs that they can sell on their neighbors or in their local markets, if they have master the horticultural process and make their small production grows then it can even be a substitute for employment.

3. Horticultural production of plants improves our economic condition through export. There are native plants and trees especially flowers that can be sold globally because of its uniqueness. If you realize the need to plant flowers that are unique in your country and find a partner in international trade you can become an instant business person that can help your country’s economy and you can even employed people in your production since you will need to expand your production. You can consult your local municipal office about international trade.

4. It can be a source for natural food, imagine how these plants, trees and vegetables are planted through our care can assure us that the food we produced are fresh and healthy. Nowadays the food and vegetables we eat may come from various sources of artificial production that makes it abundant but not necessary healthy. Our production assures us that we can offer the best quality of natural and healthier crops.

5. Lastly it can beautify our surroundings. Look around you and you can see how they have produced more than healthy crops and vegetables but they also provide a colorful and beautiful community and ecological balance. And through this we can see different types of horticultural landscaping methods that they have used.

There are also different methods of horticultural landscape to beautify and properly manage our horticultural planting system. These methods are design to supplement the more aesthetic looks of our surroundings and give more emphasis to our arrangement, horticultural landscape methods and designs are also a part architectural landscape but it deals more with small scale horticultural planting or in other words a “mini architectural design for innovation”. This method is highly recommended for home and backyard landscaping for a more sustainable production and well balanced look and feel.

Native Plantings landscape –The landscape is just plain and simple cultivation and straight design and when they grow, they simply provide shelter for some insects when. Most are indigenous plants that are more suitable for local climate that is easy to grow in certain condition and doesn’t require much maintenance to grow well.

Increased Non Lawn Planting – This landscape introduce fencing designs of flowers and vegetables that requires their support to grow more abundant while producing better landscape design and shaped that goes in harmony with the fences. The shape should be well design to be able for the plant to propagate.

Shade tree placement – This is more than just landscaping but lighting the plants to grow accordingly, there are times that plants cannot be thoroughly expose to sun that is why this method has been developed to provide heat to plants, it also provide good landscape designs from various horticulture enthusiast or for those people who simply wants to beautify their landscape. Plants or flowers that need shade lightings are sensitive and needs additional care usually these are orchids and other soft flowers.

Paving surfaces landscape – needs pavement while planting to reduce the amount of water flow that comes from rain. Some plants are paved by small stones and some uses various rocks that beautify the landscape.

Rain garden landscape – include rain water irrigation to beautify the surroundings of the plants and thereby control the flow of water to grow more.

Grey-water retention – Adding a little water reservoir to horticultural areas to save water from rain to be saved for future use and thereby beautify its surroundings and create an imaginary looks of ponds.

Sample Safety and Health Practices at Tema Steel Works

Safety and Health Practices at Tema Steel Works

There have been accidents among workers, which happened in the Tema Steel Works Company in Ghana, and these issues caught the attention of different groups of people in the society. In view thereof, a lot of debates are going around the globe, if the steel company has its company regulation for safety policy of its workers. Apparently, Tema Steel Works Company does not have a comprehensive health, safety and environment policy that will protect its workers from any human rights violations. Most industries in Ghana do not adhere with the industry’s standards and guidelines for effective operations of every plant or factory. What Ghana has now is the expired legislations and regulations for Environmental Protection Agency Ordinance 490, Mining Regulations Act 1970 Ll 665, Factories, Offices and Shops, Act Ll328. However, all of these laws can no longer impose. Perhaps, due to lack of financial resources, so the agencies do not perform their duties well. This is the main reason that there are numerous reports of violations of the rights of large numbers of workers in the country. Many reports revealed the different cases of deaths of some employees and their families. A lot of children became orphans, because their parents never returned home, and no one knows of their where about now. Many untold sufferings of workers and employees while in their work places. Allegedly, many workers have lost their lives, hands and other parts of their bodies. Relatively, various accident s happened to the workers in Tema caught the attention of other group of individuals across the world. He was a Fire Service Officer who fell to the ground and died in the Cedi House in 2010. And, reportedly, last April this year, the most recent accident was a worker who died in the hot steel; which he carried at the Tema Steel Company. However, all these accidents among others never reported to the authority. Similarly, there were no safety and preventive measures created, in order to avoid those accidents to happen again. It just like a cycle, but no one cares about the plight of these poor Tema Steel Company’s workers. (

The unjust treatment with the workers must be given appropriate action by Ghana government. Steel companies among others must implement a national health and safety policy measures that will protect the workers in different plants in Ghana. It is well recommended to Ghana government to allow implementation of an independent body that will mandate for the strict compliance of HSE standards, to regulate and reinforce the operational law to all business sectors in Ghana. Today, there is a significant increase in the number of SME’s and multinational companies that operate in Ghana. In spite of this industrial development, the country still, does not have national agency or empowering body to mandate the process and procedures, policies, guidelines that will oversee the working health and safety condition of larger number of workers and employees in the country. Subsequently, accidents, violations of human rights and poor health conditions of the workers are prevalent in most of the industries in Ghana. Nevertheless, the stakeholders do not even give any damn on what is going on to their employees. After all, they have all the obligations to provide moral, legal and business concerns all their workers, most especially on their health safety and environment practice inside the companies. In comparison, those countries that have successful HSE records are those companies that have showed strong compliance and commitment to regulatory policies and practices in accordance with the labor law.


Accordingly, the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare told reporters that they will mediate in the issues regarding the deteriorating conditions of the workers at the Tema Steel Company. Still, many employees are worried that they could no longer get their salaries once the company will be ordered for closure. The workers union body expressed their sentiments to Minister E. T. Mensah, after reviewing the reports of the workers union, the minister decided to give an ultimatum to the owner of the steel company. He is giving Tema Steel Company until this month to settle all issues regarding safety labor, as well as to upgrade the company’s working environment conditions based on business acceptable standards. If, the company failed to comply with the order, the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare will be forced to give order for permanent closure of the steel plant. With all these in mind, the Tema Steel’s workers are being hopeful, and they are really looking forward to the materialization of the company’s upgrading on their safety and health practices.





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