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The Importance of Horticulture and Landscape in our Surrounding Sample


Horticulture is a planting system that deals with small scale production of various crops, vegetables, flowers and other plants. It is an industry and breeding process of plants and soil cultivation for the improvement of gardening process. There are various types or horticulture and there are reasons why horticulture and horticultural plants is important in our life and these are the following;

1. Horticultural planting can improve the quality of our land through constant cultivation of land that releases various minerals and makes the land more improved and abundant for plants to grow through natural process, the release of air opens up the soil for the plant to breathe making them more susceptible to air and water making the plants healthier and greener.

2. Employment Generation, through this horticultural process is a million dollar industry all around the world. Anyone who has a small piece of land including their backyard can learn to produce plants; vegetables, flower or even small trees and shrubs that they can sell on their neighbors or in their local markets, if they have master the horticultural process and make their small production grows then it can even be a substitute for employment.

3. Horticultural production of plants improves our economic condition through export. There are native plants and trees especially flowers that can be sold globally because of its uniqueness. If you realize the need to plant flowers that are unique in your country and find a partner in international trade you can become an instant business person that can help your country’s economy and you can even employed people in your production since you will need to expand your production. You can consult your local municipal office about international trade.

4. It can be a source for natural food, imagine how these plants, trees and vegetables are planted through our care can assure us that the food we produced are fresh and healthy. Nowadays the food and vegetables we eat may come from various sources of artificial production that makes it abundant but not necessary healthy. Our production assures us that we can offer the best quality of natural and healthier crops.

5. Lastly it can beautify our surroundings. Look around you and you can see how they have produced more than healthy crops and vegetables but they also provide a colorful and beautiful community and ecological balance. And through this we can see different types of horticultural landscaping methods that they have used.

There are also different methods of horticultural landscape to beautify and properly manage our horticultural planting system. These methods are design to supplement the more aesthetic looks of our surroundings and give more emphasis to our arrangement, horticultural landscape methods and designs are also a part architectural landscape but it deals more with small scale horticultural planting or in other words a “mini architectural design for innovation”. This method is highly recommended for home and backyard landscaping for a more sustainable production and well balanced look and feel.

Native Plantings landscape –The landscape is just plain and simple cultivation and straight design and when they grow, they simply provide shelter for some insects when. Most are indigenous plants that are more suitable for local climate that is easy to grow in certain condition and doesn’t require much maintenance to grow well.

Increased Non Lawn Planting – This landscape introduce fencing designs of flowers and vegetables that requires their support to grow more abundant while producing better landscape design and shaped that goes in harmony with the fences. The shape should be well design to be able for the plant to propagate.

Shade tree placement – This is more than just landscaping but lighting the plants to grow accordingly, there are times that plants cannot be thoroughly expose to sun that is why this method has been developed to provide heat to plants, it also provide good landscape designs from various horticulture enthusiast or for those people who simply wants to beautify their landscape. Plants or flowers that need shade lightings are sensitive and needs additional care usually these are orchids and other soft flowers.

Paving surfaces landscape – needs pavement while planting to reduce the amount of water flow that comes from rain. Some plants are paved by small stones and some uses various rocks that beautify the landscape.

Rain garden landscape – include rain water irrigation to beautify the surroundings of the plants and thereby control the flow of water to grow more.

Grey-water retention – Adding a little water reservoir to horticultural areas to save water from rain to be saved for future use and thereby beautify its surroundings and create an imaginary looks of ponds.


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