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Microfinance Enterprise in the third world economy Research Proposal

Microfinance has grown from a small program in the 1970s in Bangladesh to a worldwide movement today. Microfinance is basically the small loans that are granted to the third world poor. Such microloans are usually provided through non-profit, humanitarian organizations. These new mechanisms are often referred to as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) whose focus is on empowering poor families. The movement to expand financial services for the poor as a grassroots development strategy is a relatively recent phenomenon. Microfinance, which emphasizes granting small loans to the poorest of the poor without requiring collateral, rests upon the notion that the most impoverished people in developing countries typically do not otherwise have access to traditional financial; services, but that they do possess modest survival skills that make them credit-worthy. Credit programs can offer the poor access to small amount of capital, and, in turn, they use these loans for self-employment project…