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Comparative Analysis of Computerised Database and Manual Database of School Teachers

Sample Research ProposalBackground of the StudyThe rapid advancement of technology has pushed each industry to the era of fast and easy processes of tasks. The education sector is of no exception. Information locations through electronic databases are made less difficult with the development of software applications. One example is the computerise database was developed to make location of information and evaluation of data easier and more time and cost efficient. Traditional or manual database is a complex system which has some drawbacks that creates tedious and monotonous task in locating information. Because these problems are said to be lessen in computerise database application, there is an implication for research – basically to determine if some schools teachers, still favour the manual from computerise database for some reason. The perception of the school teachers may help draw a consensus on which approach may be best used by schools. The purpose of the study is to help scho…

Research Proposal on Competency-based Training & Assessment in the Oil & Gas Industry

Competency-based Training & Assessment in the Oil and Gas Industry

1.0 Introduction
The importance of training and assessment effectiveness has long been recognized as a crucial issue for organizations (Ford et al., 1997; Noe and Ford, 1992; Tannenbaum and Yukl, 1992). To the extent that employee-training programs are effective, organizations are able to avoid wasteful spending and improve performance and productivity. Thus, a key consideration for virtually all organizations is the expected return provided the organization for its training investment. Because it has been suggested that organizations are likely to increase their reliance upon and utilization of employee training programs in years to come, the effectiveness of competency-based training and assessment in the Oil and Gas Industry is likely to become even more salient in the future. In today's Oil and Gas Industry, workers must be prepared to change the way they do their jobs in order to capture the benefits from…