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The word cloning is used by scientists to describe many different processes that involve making duplicates of biological material. In most cases, isolated genes or cells are duplicated for scientific study, and no new animal results. Stem cells are unique and essential cells found in animals that are capable of continually reproducing themselves and renewing tissue throughout an individual organism's life. Stem cells can be obtained from human embryos.Both cloning and embryonic stemcell research has focused public attention on the meaning and status of human embryos in contexts essentially unrelated to abortion. As a result, society and the law have begun to construct new understandings of the term embryo. Those understandings merge with and reshape old understandings. Thus, the politics of abortion are being transformed as society responds to developments in molecular biology, especially the advent of mammalian cloning in 1997 and the isolation of human embryonic stem cells a yea…


RATIONALE OF THE STUDYThis study seeks to investigate the types of advertising used in China to address the youth and determine which approach is most influential to them. The term influential is used in this study as a term to define a Chinese youth's positive decision to purchase a product because of specific styles in advertising they like, or to define a Chinese youth's plain preference to a particular advertisement and his or her reason for that behavior. This issue is decided to be investigated because the Chinese youth makes up 630 million of the whole Chinese population (Simpson, 2000). That number is a potential target for companies marketing in China. China, over the years, has progressed in the advertising industry. There is a drive to increase the use of advertising in the country. However, while there is a potential to increase market sales of companies in China through advertising, most studies are general and are not focused on a specific demographic group. For…