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Sample Recommendation for an Employee


There are various forms of letter of recommendation according to purpose but mostly letter of recommendation is used for promoting oneself when applying on a job as required by the future employer or it can also be used well as letter of recommendation references for employee. There are also letter of recommendation for petition or demotion in which case is not often used because it may be a disgrace to a recommended party. In writing a letter of recommendation for promotion of employee, honesty should be exercised if written by the supervisor to manager or employer there should also be a support in performance records and data to prove it worth in decision and a varied qualification.

Government can also write letters of recommendation from students or applicant as a referral to employer if they have a strong background or participation in their community it can be a good basic reference like a good moral character and it is what the employer need. The school guidance counselor may also give a good recommendation letters for students who would like to work as an apprentice in a certain company, usually medical schools do this to train their students they will send the letter to clinics and hospital as a recommendation for training. Usually this institution will accept such recommendation because they may highly need such student apprentice.

Let us say you are the one who are going to write the letter of recommendation for employee promotion after and the investigation, gathering of information and qualification presentation has been done the only thing that is left is the formal letter of employee recommendation in any way, you may want to include the following as a basic consideration to be effective; get a piece of paper as rough draft and the first thing you need to write is the personality of the employee whom you want to be promoted emphasize on his or her basic quality, is the person a leader in their area of assignment? Is the person performs better than the other co-workers? Is the person good in communication skills or technologically advance in something? Can they lead people? What about their attitude? Write about the previous accomplishment and things like this one to build up the person.

Finalizing your letter - Now that you know what you are going to write you a may now take the final letter to be written on a paper of about 8 ½ by 11 letter size is much better if it has a letter head. Now you can write the date on the first line, leave two spaces then write your name next would be your position and the address of your work. That would be the heading of your leader you may leave another two spaces then write the name, address and position of the person to whom you are going to write, do not address your letter to general person such as to whom it may concern or it may create a confusion who are you writing to and who will read it.

As much as possible write the full name of the person you are going to write and leave two spaces again, greet the person carefully and then state your recommendation directly as you have pre-qualified. The body of your letter is the most important part of it you must clearly identify the personality of the employee supported by other data is a powerful letter of all, this can highly move the decision maker if they have read and understand your recommendation proposal in a clear and concise manner. If you have already written everything is in the favor of the employee don’t forget the reason why they may be qualified for recommendation. Lastly you should reaffirm the reader or decision maker that you fully suggest the person for promotion. Thank the person and say a good remark, be sure that you included your contact number and say that you are free to call if they need more question.

Additional Advices: Always use a clean paper with letterhead as much as possible do not use fancy papers in a formal letters save it for other uses, don’t forget to sign your letter for authority purposes, don’t handwritten your letter unless required by the company, don’t go overboard on telling absurd and untrue qualification or it may not be accepted, always double check on your grammar. Use a well sized envelope for proportion and confidentiality and do not send letter simply stapled without envelope. What if your letter is not accepted? Don’t worry if your letter is not accepted for promotion there will always be time to write again, your recommended employee will soon find its way if they are really qualified.


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