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Sample Accidents and Incidents Involved with Airside Drivers and the Human Factors


In Airports or Aerodome, accidents can happen and it is the responsibility of the airlines to handle the causes of the incidents. First and foremost there are rules and regulation that needs to be met before the actual driving and there are various training from all employees including driving, air crew and staff all of them are fully trained professionally to minimized or thoroughly eliminate any untoward incidents that may occur. Even the passengers have a bit of orientation before the actual flight so that they know the consequences of their behavior that they should not be the reason for any accidents and they make sure that comfort and safety is guaranteed that it is the utmost intention of the Airlines for it may cause lives of people if not prevented.

According to the latest reports there are many reasons why accidents may happen and it can happen on the ground or on the air even during the take off. Accidents may be cause by operation, there are accidents that are cause by location and it can even be negligence or human factors may also be involved. There are also risk factors of accidents and incidents that may come in time and the problem simply cannot be traced. Accidents and incidents from facility hazards that there are no available tools in case of emergency example is if there are no available fire extinguisher on aerodome,

Poor driving skills or the driver may have skills but they could not recognized side operations or ramp, lacking of preventive maintenance and breach of traffic from airport or aerodome are usually cause by human factors if they do not communicate and recognize such speed limit or road signs and any other untoward miscommunication handling of the drivers and the aerodome or airport and sometimes it can happen. According to the Central Japan International Airport Company limited (CJIAC) in their study shows that the accidents and incidents involved with airside driving that happen in their airline shows that there are 37% are due to careless human errors.

It is quite obvious that human errors are still not prevented or sometimes neglected in their airline but the fact that they are in a hurry to finish their task that results in accidents. Human errors mostly in airside driving are usually distraction of drivers by using different devices such as radio or cell phone during the operation which is sometimes illegal or looking for other person or passengers while driving and this has been a dangerous driving practice especially from airlines or aerodome.

Sometimes drivers miscalculated their spot that causes accidents when they fail to follow the standard operating procedures that has always been a part of their training. If there are human errors that occur in such places it only proves that drivers need to be replaced or re train or they may cost too much problem in the future. The following airside driving guide must be met to ensure that there will be no more accidents or untoward incidents can happen. This is designed by Darwin International Airport as a quick reference guide for airside drivers, Airside Drivers Guide operation manual part of Aerodome in titled “Airside Vehicle Control Book”.

1. The Drivers must have the authority to drive airside. This is their passage to be accepted as an airside driver, if a certain driver does not posses such clearance they should not be allowed to drive because they may not know the regulations and restriction of the airside driving.

2. Only drivers with such clearance should be given an identification or ID to enter the designated areas.

3. They must prepare their airside license, driver’s license, and airline identification and they must carry this during their duty.

4. They should not be involved in any alcohol drinking or drugs.

5. Drivers must obey the speed limit and other rules and regulation in airside.

6. There are some markers they need to obey for proper guidance and safe way.

7. Mobile phones and radio are strictly not allowed. It can create frequency that may cause hazards to other devices on the airport and on other passengers.

8. Report any untoward incidents or accidents that may happen so as to immediately attend to such problem, hiding the incident may sometimes worse it.

9. Most of all do not forget the Standard Operating Procedure during the operation to consider the most health and safety procedure to delimit the accidents with airside driving.

These are just a summary of safety features but the drivers must have a handbook in airside safety procedure that they can use. This airside driving safety guide can be downloaded free in this handbook include every safety driving and procedure that they can follow to become a successful airside drivers.


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