September 8, 2011

Sample on the Importance of Learning in the Workplace


In todays fast pace environment where competition and economy is tough, companies and their employees must learn to adopt a new system in learning whatever position they maybe. Given their credentials and experience plus their training before taking the position will open up the opportunity for employees to master their skills and if they have the initiative they will continue to learn to add up additional knowledge because there is always an opportunity for improvement. Come to think of it even the street vendors can have extra learning opportunities in their workplace relating to the customers.

Professionals or office workers may have a monotonous job function but they have the opportunity to learn a brand new challenges if they want, they can be a part of progressive company if they have master their skills simply by learning new system or software or giving suggestions to the company or being a part of alternative solutions for employees confidence and behavior and confidence must more than they can do. Most likely if they have solved or be involved in additional activities they will not simply learn but they may also advance or take pride of the opportunity for promotions.

Kristine is just an ordinary laborer in a factory of stuff toys but during the start she never met the quota of production assigned to her. She was humiliated by her co workers because of her production, but determined; she insisted on learning to master the sewing process of every bit of pieces of stuff toys and worked until midnight without pay, and during Sunday she would take a few pieces of old clothes to be sewn at home. The result was amazing she discovered a pattern and technique in sewing that gave the company an extra product that was exported in other country. She now shares a small part of the sales of one of the toys. She is still employed but rich.

No matter how good an employee maybe there will always be a new learning opportunity inside the workplace. Rodrigo is just an office worker, he takes care of inventory and employees performance while being bored on everyday task he learned to use additional software called QuickBooks which he thought better than using Microsoft excel for this software will make their job faster and more efficient although the software is just a substitute. He has shown the difference between the usual job and what it can do. His boss is very happy about it that after a year he has given the opportunity to become a supervisor in his department.

Liberty is a salesclerk in a gift shop she thought she’ll be satisfied just arranging their product lines of beautiful garments and other stuff so customers would be the one to choose from their product lines she simply assist the buyer if they ask for it. Out of curiosity and boredom to her usual work she began to look for ways to add new customers. What she does is to arrange their product lines in a more beautiful manner, she would welcome customers and guest even if they never buy, she would install additional promotional materials in their shelves and take note of their regular customers visit and at the afternoon when customers are few, she would call some people to visit their shop. Her boss discovered that their sales during the next few months have nearly double. She was promoted to become an area supervisor to visit their branches to different location to make changes after a few months of continues success in sales.

German is just a janitor and curtain raiser in a production studio during the 60’s and every actor and actresses would make fun of him because of his thin body and fat stomach. But because of his curiosity to learn all phases of the production including floor direction, stage settings, script transcribing and production design and radio shows of the company he mastered. He has become an actor working as extra in most films of Sampaguita Pictures as a comedian. And because of his good attitude and persistence to learn and adopt new things he eventually became a host in a noontime show during the 70’s that gave birth to his title master showman. He became a great talent scout and discovered so many talents in the local showbiz industry in the Philippines and probably one of the most respected and highly influential men in the industry.

All the stories above happened in real life they have learned to master their skills in the workplace, the opportunity is always there when you are employed you just have to learn to love your job in order for you to create a leap and an extra mile to step up to be the best you can. They have taken the wisdom of Henry David Thoreau that “If one advances confidently to the direction of their dreams and endeavor to lead life which they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours”. To sum it all up, the importance of learning inside the workplace and if you can keep pursuing it, is almost always a success on your part.

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