November 12, 2009

Community Development for Homeless and Persons with Disability

Community Development for Homeless and Persons with Disability

Case of The Reclaimers' Street Orchestra Project - Promotion and Advertising

1.0 Situational Analysis

Founded by Charles Neville, the "The Reclaimers' Street Orchestra Project" is a Brisbane-based community project which aimed at pooling together homeless and persons with disability through constructing stringed, percussion and wind instruments made from savaged materials. The Reclaimers' Project also provides the homeless and disabled persons to play music together both in small and large groups. Aside from holding workshops two times a week, the project now boasts for its 24-piece orchestra that performs locally, mainly in community events such as the Reverse Garbage opening. Instruments used in performance are handmade, pitch perfect and crafted from recycled materials. Further, the Reclaimers' Project is spearheaded by Reclink, a not-for-profit charitable organisation which dedicates itself to advocating for and improving sporting and recreational opportunities for disadvantaged people. Reclink was initially established to assist people experiencing social and economic disadvantage accessing sporting and recreational opportunities. As a form of social therapy for these groups, Reclink purports to enhance community connectedness and improve health and well being.

However, the operation of the project is not without difficulties as Neville experienced challenges that threaten the stability of the Reclaimers' Project in the future. For one, the attendance or membership is unsteady as these people come and go to the open space ground where practices and creation of instruments took place. Second, the operation relies on pure volunteering hence spontaneity and momentum is being sacrificed particularly on the part of the attendees. Neville envisions promoting the Reclaimers' Street Orchestra globally. A problem, however, is that the street orchestra is not yet well-known locally. They have a relatively poor following in Brisbane considering the limited audience they accumulate. Funding is another problem in terms that Neville plans to promote and sell online the instruments as well as the CD they are planning to produce. The question now is what are the strategies that Neville could consider to promote the group and have local presence?

2.0 Justified 1yr and 3yr Objectives

The main aim of this case proposal is to determine strategies for Reclaimers' for their promotion and advertising and funding as well as increase the membership in a long-term basis.

1-yr Objectives

• Increase membership by 5% from the local communities

• Sell instruments on craft shops, thrift stores and op shops

• Enhance sponsorship at governmental, community and local levels

3-yr Marketing Objectives

• Conduct annual performance nights that will make the public more aware of the existence of the Reclaimers' Street Orchestra

• Produce infomercials about the social therapy called Reclaimers' Project particularly the creation of instruments

3.0 Proposed Promotion and Advertising Strategies

Basically, the marketing strategy for the Reclaimers' Project is social marketing wherein it will be focusing on the aims of the project itself. This kind of marketing is advisable since it puts the members at the center and it features a set of coordinated interventions. Marketing the Reclaimers' Project has three main objectives which are to sell the project as an entertainment [while also being socially healthy at the same time], to build participation and to use the Project to sell the instruments created. Moreover, the technique of marketing Reclaimers' Project through social marketing makes it a leeway for sponsorships. Though there are consequences for sponsorship, it had been the core element of entertainment. At the realm, sponsorship requires an audience or the people's participation.

First, it is proposed that Reclaimers' Project must design a creative platform. Visual communication must be considered such as headline or image, logo and colors. Color would be the most appealing and recognisable feature of the Project. Second, there must be creative strategies focusing on slogan and the message of the project. Message selection is a must, advertising the benefits of membership to Reclaimers' Project.

Media channel selection would be also an important endeavor to consider. The main channel is through the Project's website as the primary source of information on Reclaimers' instruments and orchestra while also creating a strong presence for the Project in the process. Creating a website is therefore a must. Promotion of the website would be vital in promoting the Reclaimers' Project. Public relations elements are vital in acquiring the nod of the media and to disseminate helpful information through backgrounders and press releases and in a way to have media support locally.

While at the media support, it could be valuable if the founder will ask local celebrities to promote not just the Project but its instruments and orchestra. Endorsements from the government and notable local people could develop a deep emotional attachment to the people while also uplifting the image of the Project. As much as possible, endorsements would be free of charge since willingness to advocate the good of the Project is much more important.

Nevertheless, the Project and its founder are hereby proposed to focus on public relations marketing. Various promotional channels will be used for Reclaimers' Project such as audio, print and electronic. Radios and podcasts could be used to disseminate information about the Reclaimers' Project and the availability of the instruments on local stores. For print, announcements will be posted on local newspapers or newsletters. Visual portals in the community will be stacked with posters about the Project.

4.0 Proposed Implementation and Control Systems

To take the maximum advantage of the proposition, the progress of the plan will be carefully monitored. The measurement of progress will center on establishing targets, guidelines and standards, and whenever necessary, corrective actions will be implemented. Deliverables will be closely watched so as the activities generally outlined above could be followed without interruptions. The plan will be reviewed on a monthly basis with the quantifiable aspects of the proposal: expenses, response rate, visitor rates and membership statistics.

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