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Sample Research Proposal on How does Stress at a Work Place Affect Employees at Home

Research Proposal on How does Stress at a Work Place Affect Employees at Home

At this time and age, along with global crisis we are experiencing; most employees are having a hard time to cope with the stress in the work place Everyday, many employees are spending most of their time in the office rather than at their home. This is also the main reason that at the end of the day; most of them tend to be out of control, feeling exhausted and worn out after a long day work. . However, stress is already considered a normal part of any organization; regardless of positions and salary level in the company. And, the only thing to do in managing stress is to learn how to deal and cope with it. Focusing on the tasks that you do everyday, is somewhat relevant in minimizing the stress level you feel when you are doing your work. Remember, it is more relaxing, if you are doing something that you are well-knowledgeable and equipped with, rather than doing something which you are inadequately capable of. So, the bottom line is to master your tasks, in order you to do them with more ease and confidence. By this way, makes you more relaxed in your work place; at the same time you are still capable of doing your tasks when you reach home with less stress.


Based on the various studies made, too much stress of a person really affects his or her state being; up to the extent that he or she can not function effectively inside the house. In addition, many employees, especially working in a call center environment, show a lot of irate behaviors at home. Meaning, they even take with them whatever unpleasant atmosphere they encounter in their workplace. As a result, excessive stress hinders a person’s productivity, as well as it reduces the physical and emotional heath being of a person. Now, how to avoid stress getting into your nerves even at your own home…? For this kind of economy we have right now, it is inevitable to feel like you are relax and contented of what you have got. Layoffs and budget wise are very common sentiments of many workers in various industries; which caused many people to become feared and uncertain of what their future has in store for them. But, the ability to manage stress in the workplace not only improves the physical and emotional health condition of many employees; as well as it is also the basis of attaining success or failure in the workplace. And, whatever, achievements you attain in your work place, it automatically reflects on the way you behave when you arrive home. If you have a happy and stable disposition in the company your work with, the more it may show when you are with your family at home. Naturally, you are somewhat happy and proud to share whatever accomplishments you acquire in your work place. The more you are able to do your job well, the more you are inspired to do some of your stuff inside the house. Therefore, it is very important to learn some guidelines in reducing job stress; so as it will not affect your disposition towards your own family life.


Medical experts suggest that learning how to communicate effectively, is one way of avoiding stress; excellent communication and interrelation skills are crucial factors in improving your working relationships with your co-workers, as well as to your family. Aside from that, taking charge voluntarily tasks that you can do better, is another way to feel good about yourself. Plus, avoidance of procrastination habit must be taken into high consideration, in order to reducing your accountabilities in the company. Avoid negative attitudes and perceptions; they may escalate the level of stress you feel towards your work. It is best to have fun while working; and you can only do this through building good rapport and pleasant relationship with your superiors and co-workers. Moreover, every employee must be aware that excessive stress in the work place is associated with various signs and symptoms such as feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed, muscle tension or headaches, loosing confidence and less productive most of the time. All these warning signs must not be ignored, because they will cause bigger problems eventually; not only to the workplace, but also to your personal life. Nonetheless, there is no other way to prevent this to happen, but by taking care of yourself, do not set aside your personal needs, happiness and most especially your family; they are the mainstream why you are working. You must take good care first of these important personal things that you have, so that you will feel better about yourself. Always find time to get moving, get enough amount of sleep, exercise regularly, make healthy food choices, drinking moderately of alcohol without nicotine is good for your heart and blood circulation. More than anything else, fill your hear with love. Naturally, the better you feel as an individual, the better you can manage work stress without becoming overwhelmed.






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