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Example of Labor Welfare and its Effect on Productivity and Retention


Labor and employee’s welfare productivity and retention generally speak to the activities or policies that benefit the employees through material, financial or ideals and services that a certain company and organization may offer. The productivity and retention of laborers, workers, employees and staff may correspond to their performance at work. Being a company owner or being employed requires an optimum standard on most companies if a certain employees do not perform well, chances are they may not be able to avail the benefits of the company but they may be force to change employees.

In some cases of small companies their policy is not equipped nor designed for employee’s welfare but only for profit, there are companies that do not meet the government basic salary standard which is regulated by the government and the industry. More so they do not even retain their workforce but merely give them five to six months stay on casual and traditional contracts. These kinds of companies are weak and low in performance sometimes they may not even pay on Social Securities and Health Benefits of their employees which is required by the government, such companies maybe illegal and should be reported at once to the local government or to the labor department near the community. People may not experience labor welfare and productivity but hardship and exploitation in this worthless organization.

But an equal opportunity employer gives their employees the best in the industry let us cite for example the mercury drug store, it is the best pharmaceutical company in the Philippines they are an equal opportunity employers owned and operated by Mariano Que. During the start employers are already given the opportunity to be on a probationary period this means that automatically after six months of stay they will be given a regular position, during their probationary stage they are given an above industry remuneration package that is above the industry standard plus they are also given a supply of half sack of rice monthly.

Provided that they do not commit any violation including tardiness, late and most of all customers’ violation then they will have the opportunity to be on a regular position which means a stable job. Productivity and retention of workers is highly encourage in this company which means that they are entitled to a salary increase and a sack of rice supplied every month or a choice of cash depending on employee’s preference. Upon regularization they are also given full insurance benefits, Social Securities, Health benefits among others, they are also given a big discounts on drugs and medicines in all branches nationwide.

They are also recognized to receive discounts in every branch nationwide as long as they are employed in the company, sick leave, maternity leave and other perks are given and employees can also convert it into cash if not used within a period of time. Such productivity has been experienced by most of their employees during their covered period and by the time they have decided to resign from various reasons they are also given an opportunity to receive cash, depending on their qualifications and performance they can also be promoted to a supervisory level. If an employees have reach this position they are given more perks including travel benefits or transportation and housing may even be provided depending on activities or it can simply be a perks. Most of their employees and their family are proud to be employed in their company because they are given all the best opportunities that they can get.

Customers can also benefit from this store by simply presenting a loyalty card or “Suki” card. They can get a certain card for free through a minimum purchase in every branch. This card automatically entitled the customers from 5% discount or more. People continue to patronize their stores because they can claim that all their medicine is always new and they have given good customer service support, clean environment and well educated pharmacist, and most of all they offered 24 hour services from various selected branches that is located conveniently on most key cities so customers are assured they are given the best medicine and services they needed.

In the next few years the store will soon add more branches to enable more customer’s access a more affordable lifesaving medicines, giving healthier and fuller life. They are looking forward to more business opportunities and commitment to the public which means more job and more employees will be hired continuously.


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