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Sample Ethnicity in Performance of Task in an Organization

Ethnicity in Performance of Task in an Organization

The diversity of employees in one organization is other referred as demographics background of the workforce. A company that supports the ethnicity of its employees shows employee satisfaction, productivity and retention in the company. If one organization is diverse, and the employer does not take an effort to compliment with these groups of employees; then it will definitely affect on the behavior and performance of the employees in the work place. Accordingly, US employers are not allowed by federal state laws from giving race of ethnicity consideration in hiring or assigning employees in a company. Ethnicity in performance depends on the people experience in a unique group of employees, gender identity, sexual orientation, race and age. Relatively, ethnicity in a workplace brings many benefits to the organization; as well as it also lead to many issues and challenges within. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the managers to use ethnicity as influential factors to enhance the employee’s effectiveness. Some scholars considered ethnicity as a managing diversity in the workplace, which the managers must deal with fair judgment. Cultural diversity is both beneficial to the company and the employees, for it brings substantial decision making and improve problem solving strategy; in the same way, it also paves the way to creativity and innovation in the work place. Similarly, it leads to improving and enhancing of the company’s products and services; and provides successful marketing strategies to different types of clients in the market. Furthermore, recognizing ethnicity in the workplace helps the managers to discover the employees with various skills and talents who can contribute through their own unique way to the organization. Moreover, an organization which composed of diverse group of people is able to compete in the international market. A diverse organization still enables to attain success; as long as there is an effective and efficient communication system used within the organization. Bear in mind, that people from different cultures can easily understand messages if various ways. And, communication is very important to the effectiveness of their performance within the organization. Miscommunication in a diverse workplace can cause many challenges among the employees; as well as among the managers. Ethnicity in the workplace helps the management to prevent discrimination and inequality in the company. Aside from that, it also helps the management to evaluate differences and inclusions associated with areas such as age, race, culture, sexual orientation, physical disability and religious belief. (

Speaking of challenges, in managing diverse working people; is not simple. It can be a tough job to motivate and manage different groups of employees. The most common problem with ethnicity is miscommunication. So, it is better to meet communication requirements in the organization, in order to have a smooth flow of communication system. Besides, cultural bias is a significant problem in the culturally diverse environment; which includes prejudice and discrimination among the ethnic employees. When you say prejudice, it refers to the negative attitudes toward one member, on his unique behavior or act that is not acceptable in the other group of employees. Another challenge is faced by culturally diverse organization is assimilation or adjustment to the other group of people. People, who spend large amount of time in adjusting to other people’s behaviors, have lesser amount of energy to concentrate on their tasks. This only shows a significant reduction of the productivity of the workforce in the organization.

As a result, the key to managing diverse workforce is to increase the employee’s awareness of the individual differences and sensitivity of each employee. There are various ways to go about creating a successful multicultural organization. First is a regular self-monitoring, this refers to the communicator’s awareness of how his or her behavior affects other people in the organization. And, it must be an individual’s willingness to change his or her unacceptable behavior, for the benefit of the majority and the organization. One more thing, empathy enables the receiver of the message to understand fully the meaning of the message. Giving consideration and appropriate explanation of the specified subject can alleviate the sense of awkwardness, ill-feelings, devaluation and wrong interpretation of the message. So, it is important to convey the message in a clear and considerate manner. Subsequently, managing ethnicity performance goes far beyond the boundaries of equal employment opportunities. Highly equipped managers recognize the fact that continuous education and learning activities within the organization is a significant help in improving this kind of situation. More than that, the leadership’s supervision and unbiased support is very essential in the modification of accustomed behaviors of diverse group of employees.







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