September 5, 2011

Sample ESL Program for Aircraft Technicians


Aircraft Technician is aircraft specialist in aircraft repair, modification and design usually in an aviation airline industry. These companies usually required a highly effective aircraft technician for the safety of their passengers; their skills and talents are highly needed. The study of aircraft technician requires students to really pursue the training because this is not another course like business or marketing the requires so much academic knowledge, aviation technician is almost purely application based training not much on books but the actual program or design, repair, modification etc. In fact before becoming an aviation technician you must pass the test of hands on system integration on what you have just learn and these are mostly purely technical and knowledge test, you must also be of legal age being matured to handle important part of the aircraft study.

You must also pass the industry certification completion of the course as a whole, you must be able to demonstrate your talents and skills to really show your expertise since error committed is a danger at work. They are required to learn the course from 400 to 700 hours or more according to your preferred level of industry that can be finished up to 2 years. There are required to master the following activities and practices that include a part or complete airframe curriculum according to their preferences; controlling system, ice control, fire system, hydraulics, rain control and more. They are also required powerplant curriculum including electrical, auxiliary, fuel metering, airflow, lubrication and the basic is the general study of aviation maintenance including welding, electrical repair, inspection, calculation maintenance etc.

All this and much more requires deep penetration for students to really undermine its complexity but students may come from various countries and the basic teaching methods they will need to know is the English Language and its good to know that aircraft technician must learn to read, write and speak English at least even it is just a second language preferences. Why should the aircraft technician students who are not English speaking would need to know the English as Second Language or (ESL)? There are many reasons why ESL is basically needed to learning especially among indigenous or foreign students simply because most of the academic and technical instruction is basically studied and learned through this language.

If a student could not understand such language they may find it hard to look for instruction that is available written on their language or they may also find it hard for native instructors who can facilitate such teachings and be able to transfer the lessons in their own language and this is the basic reasons why students may need to learn the English as their instructional tools in learning the aircraft lessons and manuals. English is also an International language, learning the basic English gives an advantage to students to be transferred on local and international branches location that they will served, if the student do not comprehend English they will find it hard to live in other countries who do not understand their language it is a cross cultural knowledge that is used worldwide.

ESL is important because aircraft technicians are going to meet various customers and various people if they are not aware about the language they may lose various opportunities at work. Understanding the ESL makes the students proud and privilege, their personality will be developed and they can discover more knowledge and skills more than the aviation experience in aircraft technician but also other things that they can deal with. ESL is also for safety, imagine the instructions, signs and symbols if you don’t understand English may mean danger if you misinterpreted the language this may cause a serious problem in an aviation company.

Aircraft technicians need to be included in air fleet travel every now and then and if they do not understand English they may not be able to represent common interpretation of members and passengers. Having different language is normal but not understanding English as an aircraft technician may not be applicable in these present times since communication is always a part of aviation to be able to understand and identify such language and position. If you need to master these skills personally without a teacher, you can do so; the books that are available on your favorite bookstore will really help you. You may also ask any person who can teach you the Basic English lesson. The help of the internet can also be used as practical and cost effective methods in teaching you a second language; you can learn Basic English development which is sometimes free over the internet.

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