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How to Improve Productivity in the Public Service Sample


Public Sectors and Government Organization is probably the best place to work because of the openness and easy workload available for most employees this is not to say that government people are lazy but the lenient policy of the most government organizations and public sectors around the world provided them to work lighter than the usual offices. Most government agency has self regulations that are odd and unknown to the public, making them available but to serve poor, sometimes inaccurate towards people.

Government sectors from third world countries especially in certain regions seem to be the source of corruption and fraud on most government officials that is why history has been repeated again and again to oust or prosecute government officials because of their wrongdoings, manipulation and control of resources by using their position. The Public Sectors from these continents has not done much about changes in their society but only reports and projects that do not have much something to do about economic recovery for peoples but personal gain. The countless numbers of officials who have been recorded to create controversies still continues up to the present time.

Issues of corruption, red tape, fraud and monopoly but most public sectors and government institutions have not learned much. And there are many unresolved issues of government funds that have been publicized but merely die in due time because of non follow-up and no resolution or recovery from such resources. The person remains at large and retired rich, this happens in most government agency.

Public sector is not at all a hopeless case and there will also be resolution to such problem. Productivity measurement although this has been done it can be an effective approach to provide a resolution, there are appropriate record auditing and evaluation system for collections, that can be easily identified for transparency and resource keeping and many other solution that can be done again.

Employee’s evaluation performance – More than government leaders, employees should also be evaluated in their performance and this should be done by an independent organization that national to local government can hire to evaluate. Most public sector employees practice tardiness or late this has reflected in their low services and collection output. Employees who often committed such practices should be given disciplinary actions or punishment. They should be replaced with highly competitive and honest employees.

Collection reviews – Public Sectors including Health Office, Internal Revenue, Customs and other sectors is expected to remit and comply to report an exact audit of their collections that has been heavily relied upon the public use and not to the selected individuals. This has often been the problem that is hard to resolve; there are many hidden agendas and illegal practices that has been happening in most of their dealings. The government required the help of the public to report any violations. Some national government may even provide hiring investigators or put on CCTV cameras from public sectors officers to prove employees and official unworthiness.

Procurement analysis – This has been the hidden system of fraud and corruption that result in limited resources and less valued assets. The government expenditure in national and local levels should be measured according to their needs, over expenses may lead to drought funds just like in the family’s overspending budget, procurement should be planned and measured accordingly to their available resources and all purchases must have a valid receipt, non valid or non presentation of receipt from purchases cannot be tolerated or the sectors may find their financial statement empty.

Government loan projection – Loans from local and national government should be planned for this has been the reasons why a certain country can be highly indebted from World Bank and International Monetary Funds. Government deficit and Inflation has been largely affected because of such loan. Sometimes the government simply present and approved such loan without proper planning but should not be the case. Loan must definitely put the public sector to overly exercise to re loan again that makes the government and a country to become highly dependent on loans alone just to survive their needs, tight expenditure for tight budget rather than be in deep burden of debt from other countries.

Project and Infrastructure – This is a basic needs of people including roads, bridges, schools, offices etc. but the problem usually arise if the project proposal exceed more budget than expected and less production or sometimes invalid projects that is not needed by the community adds up to the public lost rather than gain. The construction materials are sometimes corrupted by buying low quality materials for production but a report of high quality to the public. These result in low quality foundation of infrastructure that needs to be repaired in the later years. All this may result in low productivity in public sector that needs improvement and only government can resolve their issues to improve their own productivity to serve its people.


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