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Public Administration Sample


Public Administration is the central government organization that deals with the policy analysis and implementation or various laws and the study of additional inputs that can be included as an alternative to such policy. It can be an academic or intermediary practice of government and political people and their ideals; they can be public servants but not necessarily elected officials but a public worker or civil worker in a government office in different regions and department. Their works involve legislative, judicial, foreign affairs, tax rules, peace and order etc. all these public issues are a part of public administration discipline.

Public Administration has a wide and varied function that usually caters to handling more than government policy but also public service and good governance. Most countries have their own sets of rules and regulations of expert public administration offices that have their own duty but basically the United Nation critically implies some basic orientation in Public Administration Office all over the world to enhance such performance.

Public Administration is Good Governance – They are the one to manage the workflow of local and municipal government, they will be the one to audit and to check the income statement, transaction records of small cities and municipalities for transparency issue eliminating graft and corruption, executive information and part of decision making process. They will also be auditing expenses and procurement and they are also the one to develop and publish legal issues and current issues in local and national discipline.

Public Administration for economic stability – They are the one who can administer about revenue generation collection and fee generation of local basic services, tax, information, budgeting, accounting and record keeping expenditure and revenue, disbursement or payment procedure of employees. They are the one to handle financial management and constraint, they are the one who has been responsible for the distribution and goods and services like urban planning and development services but not necessarily a volunteer. They also take care of the economy by Enterprise development, freedom of choice, economic forecast, business registration for new and renewal business, information technology and law and regulatory bodies for collection and intermediation.

Public administration and social issues – In most communities there should be social issues that people needs to follow for the protection of people and its government they should be the one to handle the public safety issues by reducing the crime rates in their area, drug prevention, and crime control reduction. There are also social issues including health that needs the participation of the society by distribution of medicine, organ and blood donation, etc. They also take care of education service which is extremely important in our children by providing public schools and infrastructure for school building, Information dissemination by the use of computer technology.

Public Administration is Environmental Protection – This is highly important, government and public administration agencies may need to watch and protect our government and the environment since it is the only one left for the people. The extreme illegal activities should be given punishment for their wrongdoings; smoke belching, illegal logging, air pollution, waste disposal and other environmental hazards should be block and punishable by law.

Public Administration is therefore; a government and organization for security and transformation of the people to live in harmony and progress. They are the organization that will ensure the sustainability of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing and its people. They are the organization who will take care of the future generation by providing training and generate jobs that is available for all people. All in all they will be the one to respond to our needs. All this has been developed and encourage by the Committee of Expert in the field of Public Administration Internationally acclaimed by the United Nation and all its members.

But this career can also be deceiving if you find yourself wanting to use the basic funds of local or national government that is controlled by some public administration personnel and government leaders, they do it for personal gain. There are also numbers of cases that people are tempted to take advantage about their position, Public Administration can also lead you to graft and corruption. This discipline is also a noble profession if you find it fulfilling in your heart to serve the public you can also join the Public Administration Office by studying its principles and core values. There are many Colleges and Universities that offer Public Administration course, you can check these schools if you are willing to become a public administration personnel.


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