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Sample Gender Factor In Education Production And Recruitment


Teachers a are critical in the parts of education system in whatever parts of the country and probably around the world they are the epitome of wisdom and students acquired their behavior from their teachers because they may spend longer time with them than their parents during elementary and high school years, they served as a role model inside and outside school. Teachers have gained thorough knowledge to analyze children’s behavior but their personality still reside and apparent in their teaching style and pattern in handling children. How children thinks and react over their teachers may vary differently according to their teaching personality.

Over the years the society has evolved and most teachers has become a profession that are gender sensitive and mostly in many parts of the world this is dominated by female groups, numbers of male group has been slowly diminishing although the society has not discriminate male to perform such profession neither the school. The best teachers or education has not required a gender, anyone can teach if they want even the society does not demand female to be their teacher.

The question may somehow be what makes teaching profession dominated by female? It may require a thorough answer depending on your country and economic situation. In most parts of the world even require men to teach because they can somehow manage the toughest problematic behavior of the most sarcastic student, they may even have the strength to handle programs that require physical activities than female teachers.

Australian primary school and Australian Federal Minister for Science, Education and Training even proposed to media to advertise the recruitment of male teachers and ask for the amendment to provide scholarship for male interested in teaching profession so that they can deploy them in various schools. As you know wherever you go there are always female teachers than male the ratio is almost 8 is to 2 or lesser. The fact that male teacher can handle boys more efficiently is their prime reason.

The effects or efficiency of students ranking do not necessarily imply that teachers should be men. There are no studies that male teachers are better than male and this do not even comply with gender or sex preference but only domination and preferences of both sex which is evident for female. The payment and negligence of the government may also equate with the male preferences over this profession and this is true since male preferred professions like engineering, management and other course that makes good profit.

There is also silent social stigma not necessarily discriminative in nature that a male teacher is somehow facing since family and friend sometime even parents may thought that this profession is not suited for men whom should be employed to a more established money making profession. Somehow this silent stigma affected their decision for them to deny this profession. Even when in a working class, try asking the male teacher if they really want their profession they may sometimes say that they are there because of economic factors and family needs.

So much for male issues, since there are time that there are also women may not come to take advantage of their gender but they may be discriminated accordingly depending on their character and experience, this job requires a solidify and unquestionable character to be accepted whatever gender you may be if you possess a deliberate humiliating and undesirable character that may affect the school morality issues, one must not take this profession.

Sometimes racial- discrimination may also arise, black teacher or African American are discriminated like in the case of Michelle Maupin last 2007 she was discriminated by her co teacher as well as their students and faculty supervisor because of her color and she could no longer stand the offensive behavior of her colleague as if she was a big problem because of her color so she settled their differences in court and later awarded more than $200,000 in damages because of discrimination.

From this point of view we can conclude that education system do not require or intend to establish a gender based recruitment, as long as people can withstand and decide to conform in this noble profession they will be welcomed. Teachers do not even have to gain so much expertise and experience to become one, if they have to present their qualification their commitment and love for teaching is the best thing they can offer to the system since education requires no boundaries and borders in written personality but a reality that someone is there to impart knowledge and wisdom to their students.


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