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Sample Psychotherapy General Issues - Characteristics of Intervention


Psychotherapy is a system of interaction counseling used by trained individual to communicate its effectiveness to realize the value of a well being. Its intention is to cure the mind and free the person from anxiety and difficulty from the past and present experiences by a certain individual or group. There are various types, approaches and intervention a Psychotherapist may often use but mostly the characteristic of the intervention should be humanitarian, systematic, respectful, empathic, helpful, uplifting and healing etc. to prove its worth.

People have a wrong notion that if they consulted a therapist they are weird or insane and of course it is simply not true, that is why the personal and characteristic approach of the therapist should be highly emphasize to remove the same errors of thinking of people who need them. In this case whatever intervention they are going to use may not be effective knowing that they are being examined as psychotic or abnormal but a good therapist would have a different interventional approach to make their patient believe that they are here to help and they are a friend.

Psychotherapist have realized the valued of flexibility according to the conditions of their patients others may need honesty and sincerity or openness while a hostile and violent clients may need so much patience, understanding and sympathy. As long as the intervention favors the clients it can vary in character depending on the needs of the patients to change. Most of them are hurt, suffering, unhappy, guilty, failure, longing for love from their family and friends sometimes they may feel that they are less valued and they have no meaning of existence.

The first thing a psychotherapist or psychotherapy student would need to learn and master is to listen, this is the first basics needs of an individual they need someone they can talk to and someone they can trust. A person can be a good therapist if they have genuine concern to people and it easily shows when they know how to listen well. People simply want to talk and they need someone who can share to all their rhetorical and dramatic baggage and a shoulder to cry on. After the talking the patient releases its tension and they may cry so this is the time that the therapist should exercise his expertise in intervention.

The most essential characteristic of a psychotherapeutic intervention is an interpersonal relationship, agreement is not simply a process of doctor to patient knowing that it is not the physical body of the patient who is ill but it is the cognitive pattern, intellectual capacity and inner sense that is involve here. Knowing how to establish an interpersonal relationship is like having a friend that you can count on and it is the duty of the psychotherapist to build this kind of rapport immediately in just a matter of time therefore the therapeutic relationship almost always includes characteristic approach of rational involvement to the patient and their condition.

If the patient may feel the warm and acceptance of the therapist would be much better rather than feeling that they are being observed and govern by a higher authority just to know that they are in a situation of curing process doesn’t have much effect on their patients, patient may even run away. The non threatening affection and the tone of voice is also an important aspect of consideration and through this process anxiety and fear of rejection is minimized.

The intervention process must serve as a reinforcement of strength on the side of the patient rather than a medicine that they would need to take. The verbal approach and examination and test that they are going to give must be characterized purely and directly on curing emotional worth of the person rather than academic, they may not have time to think about subject that is why simple test approach characterized by images and simply fill in the blank or materials is given, therefore the intervention would be in accordance to their condition. A certain individual may need a follow up treatment if the therapist feels that one session may not be enough.

By this time the intervention is more lenient and more systematic and the patient should be more cooperative and engaging, if not then the process may not be effective and therapist must think of another approach characterized by a more persistent but positive process, a more solution focused and a deeper observation should be presented and by this time a different intervention method should be used.


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