September 2, 2011

Sample Test of Behavioral Rigidity and the SORT


Structured Objective Rorschach Test (SORT) designed by J.B Stone in 1958. This is series of multiple choice tests of a combination of academic and abstract images that is intended to analyze the temperamental behavior of a person. This test is designed to measure some aspect of flexibility of an individual, their feelings of rigidity, compulsiveness, conformity and their consistency in behavior. Just like Rorschach but this SORT examination deals with different variables and determinant to study its usefulness and validity in the society but just like an Rorschach inkblot test, that has been critically questioned by psychologist upon its validity although they are very different in nature.

SORT examination has been used by most industries and schools in many countries because it is practically evident that the personality and character of a person is a determinant measures of his performance at work. Intelligence, Aptitude, Skills and Knowledge can also be measured using SORT test quickly and objectively. Spangenberg and his company and government provided a series of rundown test to measure its worth for measuring their employees managerial competence they take turns of every position of rank and file employees, supervisory level and the managers to differentiate the difference of their potentials they then realized the SORT was an appropriate instrument to measure of senior managers that they are fitted to such position in government and in accounting firm that was the nature of their business.

They have determined the personality of their employees and their capacity in the position using the SORT test series of multiple choices. Accountant and Auditors were also tested and the result was the same, it shows that they were also fitted in their position using the SORT test. There were also number of test concluded in South African Police force in 1975, soon they were selected for advance training and afterward some are given promotion. This has been the reason why the SORT has become an standardized practices in South African (HSRC Louw, 1975) this can also be given to children in ten years of age and above according to louw.

The Test of Behavioral Rigidity (TBR) is designed to measure rigidity as its name implies, this are the ability to shift from one activity to another or the ability to adjust to a new environment. Again this TBR has been measured by psychiatrist about its validity and effectiveness. Werner and Fisher attempt to discover its full potential in 1955 and they attempted to a crucial and generalized rigidity as unique battery test combination to demonstrate and provide its behavioral rigidity for research and clinical use. And this has been their actions to test 200 College students the TBR;

1. The jar test (Einstellung effect) – The students were to measure the correct functions and uses of various jars in different size and shape. Critical problem and analysis should be presented with a more concise solution 2. The Capital test - The student will copy the paragraph in the sample card by substitution of capital letters of various words example: The Quick Brown Fox substitute with tHe qUick bRown fOx. If you can tell the difference the second letter changes and so on. 3. The Rigidity Test Index – Adapted to Guttmann scale analysis test, that the students will need to index a serious of question find the longest word: have you ever been betrayed by your friends although you cannot fight them. The answer is two words: betrayed and although. 4. The Opposite Test – is a combination of written words of antonyms and synonyms the instruction is to find the synonym of words that start in a capital letter and find the antonyms of words that do not start in capital letter. There are some sorts of measurement and rules that is needed to be followed to be able to get the rigidity measurement so the students may need to follow the instructions carefully. 5. The Alphabet Test – a series of letter is set then shown in reverse order jklmnop to ponmlkj the time limit is set in this test. 6. The last but not the list is the Scale Rigidity test – 22 items are general statement and mixed with 44 statement that they need to match or mask all 66 items are take from Gough’s California Psychological Inventory and probably the hardest part of the rigidity test.

The general rules of the test include time limit or speed, performance and practice and self correction. The result of the investigation is empirical that if a number of approach has been presented there are numbers of dimensions found, definitely a high score shows superior rigidity and ability to adjust differently to its surroundings without difficulty of changing one activity to another and to adjust from one environment to another has been measured exactly as it suggested and vice versa, therefore there is no question the Test of Behavioral Rigidity works fairly to student, organizations and industry.

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