September 6, 2011

Sample to What Extent is Racism a Social Problem


Racism is a behavior of person that they think they are better than others because of color, language, status and other factors. Racism has been the reason for slavery, war and the creation of law pertaining to equality and human rights and this has been a part of most history all around the world but racism still exist is some parts of their society. One of the most tragic parts of racism is the history of African American civil war that women and children African American who lived in American civil society were considered a slave. They were sent to work on the farm, industrial factories and plantation night and day with low salary or sometimes without salary.

Women are sometimes raped and murdered, men are thrown on cages or they were brutally beaten and also with low salary sometimes without food to eat. The African American has been treated brutally without restriction knowing that they are ignorant and lowly in status and in rank because of their culture, color and races. Until the end of civil wars brought about by the emancipation led by Abraham Lincoln, but racism does not stop there after the civil war African American are still not accepted by the white Americans.

Most of them are not allowed to study in school of white, they are not allowed to socialized in many ways, they are not even allowed to ride the bus or they have a place of restriction of most parts of the institution and they are still humiliated because of the history brought about by their race and colors, the history of war still manifest somehow even in songs, restaurant, schools etc. although the government has provided an equality law for both black and white it is a part of their culture.

Up to the present there was also racism in most part of the world like in most par of Asia. Hong Kong in China is considered one of the richest country of the world there lived a multi-cultural sectors of Nepalese, Indians, Filipinos and other races working as a domestic helper but they were addressed as “bun jai or bun mui” meaning low. Some of them have suffered working condition in spite being a domestic helper having low wages, poor working condition and physical violence and abused, they were racially and sexually discriminated.

In Singapore and Thailand there were inferiority and colonial mentality from western countries have also experienced racial discrimination and abuse, some of their women are treated harshly by the western expatriate and visitors on their own country knowing that they are superior in race and color that leads to cultural prejudice deeply influenced by the western cultures. In North and South Korea where there have been a long history of war and racial discrimination and ethnicity believing that only white colors are superior over others that is why they only allowed white English teachers to teach in their schools although the presence of the internet paved its ways to teach online but mostly they will not allowed black people to be superior and to teach the children.

In United Kingdom there was also racism that the minority race has continued to suffer racial discrimination in many indicating factors. Socially the minority are not much accepted in job employment or Asian and other ethnic groups can have a job but they cannot receive a fair salary over the years, black people are likely to be arrested without reasons not because of their involvement in criminality but because of their skin color they simply presumed that black people are likely to commit violence and crimes.

European Network against Racism or ENR is promoting equality and cooperation in a different ethnic society to develop a good relationship in their nationality. They are the one who embodied the other ethnic groups to participate in their cultural and social preferences and practices especially in their religious practices where Muslim from other countries are the ones who suffered most of the discrimination because of their belief. They also promoted equality and less discrimination among the ethnic society. There are many forms and means of racial discrimination and racism in our society around the world. Wherever we go the history of the past still manifest in our society and it vary in many ways, each country’s can present hatred and superiority among other nation and ethnicity and somehow people still continue to trade and be discriminated in other countries but they stick into it only to survive.

Some have become victim of discrimination and slavery just to experience a good life, but as long as there is a need the racism continues. Americans needs laborer from Africa, Asian needs the oil of Saudi Arabia and the Europeans need the food in Asian people. We can’t help but to trade products, services and people from other countries because of our needs that is how the system of trade continues as a solution to our needs and vice versa. But if racism from other countries has not been resolved and the trade exists, this becomes a social problem.

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