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Sample Motivation of Tesco in UK


Tesco is one of the most popular grocery store and general merchandise in Chestnut United Kingdom; they also have large stores in Europe, Asia and in America. Tesco began its humble beginning with the effort of a single person Jack Cohen and the result was history. Tesco expanded across nations with more than 450,00 employees which are well trained and highly organized in business they all possess high customers service integrity and quality to become one of their highly recognized part of their employees. All of them are highly trained in their position that makes their stores one of the most popular in UK.

Most of their employees are highly motivated because they are given an equal treatment and opportunity to grow that is why most of them are highly satisfied must more than their salary and rewards they received. Or course the primary motivation of employees are their salary and benefits but Tesco is also generous in encouragement more than monetary rewards they have also appreciated the hard works of their employees and this has been the reasons why they worked harder to achieve greater output that leads to their success.

They are also aware of their goal in mistake reduction process through focused work environment, most of their employees are highly trusted they are required less supervision so that they can concentrate freely on their assigned tasked that they are responsible enough on their own. This gives them a sense independence and loyalty to take pride of their value and to follow work code or ethics, less errors, less absenteeism more output.

They are also given an opportunity for advancement to be promoted in their job according to their performance, seniority and educational attainment or equal experience if they have shown in their records that they qualify. Tesco realized the needs of their employees that is why some of their employees are given flexible work schedule or a work-shift to choose from, they are also given full health benefits and social security that they can use in the future depending on their needs, employees discounts in their stores and other branches is also available. Teamwork is also highly encouraged so that they can work and achieve more in partnership objectively.

They have a series of training that is unique according to the levels or position of their staff so that they will increase in motivation and knowledge. Leadership training is needed for them to grow and highly advanced in the company rather than promote years of stagnant position. Tesco promotes strategic career planning of their staff so as to encourage them to achieve more than the ordinary. They have promoted 3000 ordinary employees to become managers, they also perform annual career orientation for all employees so that they can equally learn and that they can understand their weaknesses and strength for growth potential rather than being employed in their whole life. This is done within the workplace so that the employees can see the company cares for them individually.

All of their employees are required to create a personal development plan so that the managers can easily associate their plans also. According to the managers this system help people to encourage themselves that reflects in their workflow a self assessment through training and motivation. This will keep their employees committed to the core values of the company consciously and subconsciously. Tesco also adopted basic management motivating factors according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and Herzberg five motivation essentials and they are committed to this theory of motivation.

According to Abraham Maslow’s Theory there are five basic needs that should be met;

1. Employee’s needs are Physiological in nature their basic needs are food, shelter and clothing and people or employee cannot advance its needs unless they have achieved such needs, Tesco has given enough salaries and benefits.

2. They will need Security at work and Tesco has given them full employment security benefits. Regular employment, pension, sickness and health benefits and unionization.

3. Employees will need Socialization that is why Tesco promotes a work group and socio cultural environment where they have the freedom to communicate, coordinate and cooperate at work individually or as a group.

4. Employees will need Self Respect and Self worth that is why Tesco praise them for hard work and they are given bonuses and recognition for their contribution to celebrate such individual or group achievement and lastly,

5. Employees need Self Fulfillment and this is the reason why Tesco offers all the personal development plan to promote and harness their skills and talents so that later on they can achieve more in life.


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