August 6, 2009

Research Proposal on Risk Management

Sample Research Proposal Instructions

May you correct my research proposal and write an introduction for my research proposal below:

Title topic
Risk Management in Facilities Department at Holiday inn Mutare

Investments in the hospitality industry in general and hotels in particular are subject to a variety of risks which can be both strategic as well as operational in nature. It is important to identify risks, it is equally important to manage risks when they have been identified. The management of risks in the hospitality industry may be broadly classified as being organizational and financial in nature. This research attempts to look at managing risks in the Facilities Management department. This research looks at risk issues affecting internal and external guest. These issues have a negative impact on African Sun profitability and reputation. This negative impact requires some conclusive investigation to justify any cost of resources that may have to be channeled towards further investigations into research process.

Research Questions
1. What are these risk issues?
2. What impact do these issues have on business?
3. How can we reduce risks at the hotel?
4. What standards are there to have a safe and healthy hotel?
5. Is Facilities department contributing core risk issues at the hotel?

Research Objections
1. To identify risks issues affecting Internal and external guests.
2. To identify the magnitude of negative impact on business.
3. To investigate how risk problems are solved when a guest raise a complaint.
4. To find recommended set standards for a hotel to be safe and healthy.
5. To make recommendations to reduce risk issues.

Research method
Research objectives will be achieved by carrying out surveys and case studies. Secondary and primary data available will also be analyzed as part of getting vital information for the project.

Timeous follow ups to complaints through the use at available tools like telephones, emails and interviews will enable probing for specific details of the complaint. Information ill also be sought through captured data from unit Head of departments, Loss and control manager and Guest relations Officer. Encourage all staff to report all raised complaints, to respond or follow up whilst it is still fresh in their minds and record statements as they are. To advise Sales and Marketing personnel to capture data related to risk issues. All risk issues and questionnaires filled will be forwarded to Head of departments. To analyze hotel performance against risk issues raised.

Time scale

 Full analysis and conclusion to be drawn after 6 months.
 Carry out monthly analysis and review complaints.
 Data collected on daily basis.

 IHG Reports
 Internet and email
 Head of departments and Risk Managers

 Unit records
 Head of departments and Risk Managers
 Internet

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