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Sample Effective Design of Lessons in Science


Science is one of the most interesting subject that children can learn and appreciate there are lots of amazing facts and discoveries and lessons that children can be proud of and teachers can take advantage of their curiosity to learn. Teachers may need to deal with the effective design and lesson plan for students so that they will be more excited during their class sessions and be more willing to learn. Lesson plan or effective topic design is important to be able to demonstrate a more effective strategy that teachers can use especially in a subject like science.

Teacher can explore the old habit of teaching or they can adopt the new computer age that is now in their fingertips. The lessons they need to provide should have a more significant not just interesting in the eyes of the students and it must be substantial and practical as possible. The lesson plan should educate the students in a certain types of area or they can also use a wider spectrum of subject matter. Teacher must understand that the lesson should also be in their level of maturity, teacher can mix match appropriate topics. Student involvement is also very critical so they may include basic projects to motivate students to a practical studies and learning activities.

To be able to design a more effective lesson teachers can experiment about the lessons or they may consider any or all of the following;

1. Experiment based model tools – probably one of the most exciting science activities, children will learn and appreciate such experiment if it is adoptable to the changing times. Students can have a chance to formulate their own ideas and make their own individual or group conclusions making it more fun and exciting.

2. Science project – Science project is more personal and more sensitive than a laboratory experiment, by this time teacher can determine their creativity and performance if they really understand and appreciate such topics. Their project is the reflection of their knowledge if done on their own. Students can also be more proficient in their skills and ideas the project is basically dependent on their age bracket.

3. Science and Multi-media – science deals with so much practical topics and general life activity and discoveries. That is why multi- media presentation is a very lucrative and appropriate approach in learning, since children can actually see an audio visual representation of the subject matter. Example is the development of an embryo of a plant or the life cycle of a butterfly, how computer works and many others can be seen effectively in a multi-media environment, these tools can also be used in other subject but science is probably the most effective subject in using multi-media and highly recommended as a great learning tools.

4. Combination of the old system – In spite of all the advancement in technology there is no other like the usual and simple study; class discussion, question and answer, a simple quiz and other old ways of teaching can also be used in the teacher lesson design.

5. Outdoor recreation or field trip – Is definitely one of the most exciting and fun activities in school, teachers and students may sometimes get bored in a monotonous room study habit so it’s good for them to learn in the school backyard or playground and have an outdoor lessons or better yet, they can travel on educational field trip that can bring excitement and adventure in experience real life situation about their topics involve. Usually the class can be brought to a museum, planetarium, zoo and other educational institution that children can learn and have fun.

6. Film showing or guest activities – Another exciting activities and lessons that children would like to be involved is a live show or stage activities or simply a film showing to learn new things. In school, children can simply listen and learn on the topics like the documentary of geographic locations in Africa or the effects of drugs to people, Climate change etc. they can also have a resource person as school guest to make a clear discussions about various topics.

7. Inter school science fair - For high school students they can also participate in community or science inter school activities or science fair by experimentation or presentation of their science projects, there are government and non government who are participating about this school activities sometimes they may even be given a special privilege and allowance by the school they represent and this a wonderful experience in the life of a student. They will discover new things and probably create more friends outside their schools.

These are all proven effective approach to written and non- written designs of activity that can be performed in and outside the classroom but it is up to the teacher of how they are able to implement these designs to a more effective manner. They can simply put it all together or vary it out to more intensive lessons in their science class.


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