September 5, 2011

How Counselors can Build Effective Counselling Skills as Helpers Add Factors to Determine Effective Results for every Counseling Environment


Effective counselors have their own ways of building effective skills and approaches to people that there are no specific guide to how counselors can train themselves to be effective in this kind of field. Most of the time they have gained their knowledge in counseling in school, they are highly trained by enrolling a course in cognitive therapy, psycho therapy, social works and other social or behavioral science. But counselors can also associate their experiences and their personal motivation in counseling. There are many ways to learn and master such skills to become effective counselor.

There are also counseling environment that is suitable to the counselor and clients needs and this can give them more space to learn to become a more effective counselor, there are also times that the counselor must perform their duty in whatever physical environment they maybe and this can be even harder if there are many barriers that hinders the communication between counselors and their clients, example is the clinical environment of mentally ill patients, people around them may create disruptive behavior and therefore their counseling session may not be effective.

But a more appropriate environment that is conducive to therapeutic performance should be a quiet room with proper lights and ventilation and most of all they can communicate personally and religiously that they can be open and they can trust each other whether they are counseled independently or by group. Such environment makes the counselor more capable in performing their task while for the client they can open up knowing that there is the confidentiality in the environment, therefore trust is developed. A quiet room definitely eliminates most of the disruption. As long as there is privacy, the counselor’s objective in handling their clients will definitely be more effective and personalized.

Group counseling environment may also be effective if the group have the same knowledge and experience about the topic involved or if they themselves are affected to the situation, if the group has nothing to do with the problem then they may not even be a solution or they should never be a part of it, they may even be bored about the length of discussion if they cannot understand the topic. By this time they will simply interrupt the counseling and their clients may never learn.

Counselors can build a more effective skills and counseling strategy as long as they have found their environmental niche. Genuine listening and understanding can be an effective start up for counseling because sometimes people simply want someone to listen to them and they may be moved by person to whom who listens. If counselors simply listen to their clients would mean that they are interested and willing to help. This has been proven many times by social counselors by simply listening. This theory shows that counselors can learn so much and build their effective counseling technique simply by listening to their clients.

Higher language that denotes emotion like body language makes clients understand the message of the counselor so counselors may need to watch out about their gestures and body movement more than their words, their facial expression speak so loud that sensitive people may understand or may take the wrong notion about your feelings and they may walked out if they don’t feel the openness in your facial movement. While a healthy facial expression may encourage clients to cooperate.

Counselors can also build effective counseling skills through creative communication they should not confused their clients if you have included a great product presentation of sales, a good counselors do not take advantage of their position by selling their materials to their patients rather than allow them to heal. Counselors must also eliminate shouting or domination that they need not use in order to heal. Allow their time to create close relationship before convincing the client to take action and if they do they will be responsible to their decision.

Counselors can also learn in advance. If they can ask the help of the patient’s friends and family by providing them the complete information and planning such action before the counseling takes place. Some great counselors also use various determinants to concentrate on their program while the client is busy performing a series of games or test. Through observation counselors can prepare themselves and concentrate on the behavior of their clients, through this simple method of observation counselors can provide their clients the necessary analysis and recommendation results.

Some great counselors also associate play and interaction while providing cure and healing. Some provide humor and holistic approach through prayers and found it effective. This proves that there is no environmental or skills technique to be used for effective counseling approach. As long as the counselors devote their time and concern to the patient they can use any approach and they can be successful in counseling.

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