January 15, 2010

The Informatics Training Center Model and Experience



Informatics basically develops new uses for information technology in order to solve specific problems in areas such as in business and franchising. Informatics is also interested in how people transform technology and how technology transforms them along with technical skills and knowledge. Thus, informatics can be a bridge connecting to a field of study in setting up and managing successful training and education franchise in China, as the researcher aims for the proper development of the Informatics training center model and experience by means of acquiring appropriate methods needed to achieve effectiveness of knowledge in providing sufficient evidences that will have a clear emphasis of actions taken in order to have basis in support of data and its respected information, issues and areas of concern for the fulfillment of this dissertation proposal.










The research methodology needed in exploring the topic will have to deal with the two important points in providing ample support for the desired study in terms of the following methodology type:


Primary Methodology: The Quantitative approach - that will need to involve the research process in terms of case study and the comparative survey through structured interviews to those people connected to the fast food business franchise specifically McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)  In the study, an effective survey through the use of comparison is needed in order to present a sample population of McDonald's and KFC in China in dealing to the informatics franchises of the country. The sample population need have to consist of one hundred participants basically, the franchisors and the franchisers, staff and employers' as well as some customers and in order to narrow down the methodology then, it is not applicable to have the entire population since the parts can already represent the whole.


Case Study

Case studies are an important research tool that could give needed support of data presentation of events and results in achieving the main goal and objective of the study and it will provide proof in the accumulation of such findings that will amicably emphasize thorough understanding and comprehensive analysis of principles as supported by the collected facts and evidences in relation to the survey.





The survey is an essential part in the realizing the research methods. The advantages of the methods presented is that it will enable to provide certain degree of validity and reliability of the research findings and results and that these approach would give clear assumptions of the information being gathered and to accept factual basis in lieu to the presentation of findings per se.


The Research Process

Case Study and Survey

Ø      Analyze Case studies

Ø      Administer the survey

Ø      Check data accuracies

Data analysis

Ø      Check data integrity

Ø      Interpret data

Ø      Evaluate results

Ø      Present results






Secondary Methodology – will need to involve accepted research resources through magazines, journal articles, books as well as websites for facilitating retrieval of relevant information with regards to informatics and franchising in China as the focal point for this presentation will have be employed respectively for an effective survey should represent the whole population in realization of the study. In order to keep the scope in a manageable scale in the viewpoints of informatics franchising model and experience in the study, it is not worth contacting the entire population of the people involved. Moreover, it is proposed to choose a better, useful sampling method for the study. The target number of samples for respondents is around 100. Regarding the data collection method such as (a) Structured interview; (b) Case Study (c) Comparative survey will be used.


Data Collection

The choice of data collection method is a critical point in the research process and that the presentation of data information acquired and explains certain underlying issues and principles that support the structure and contents of the research methodology being used. The research combined data from case studies and surveys that were taken to evaluate the prevalence of informatics franchising model and experience in China as crucial and relevant to the process of achieving the desired information intended for the realization of the study presentation.


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