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Sample Open System for an Organization


Open system is diverse in meaning it can be an open idea or political system it can be a paradigm that can be adaptable to everyone and it can also be literally a software system that is free to use like GNU open source and this will the one we are going to discuss for this system is absolutely open to everyone no matter where they are and there simply no restriction. According to the organization freedom is simply freedom not price, and this is really free system above the rest, this means that all the system or software for members are shared together by members and non members by simply going to their website and you automatically get the opportunity to choose software that best fit your needs or you can simply download anything you like for free but if you are concerned with the organization and you want them to succeed you simply need to donate which in itself again is a voluntary action.

If you think you have the knowledge and idea to share it for members you can do so, so that others may also benefit from your knowledge that makes it a give and take process relationship that is beyond compare from any other software development company that you will need to pay its price to get the software. Let us take for example the price of Adobe Photoshop, the most popular photo editing software around the world the price of this software is more of less $1,000 US dollar or more but in GNU open source answers its counterpart is the GIMP which is absolute free to download. Imagine how much you can save, you will need to master the program and you can find out that it doesn’t really makes any difference in quality of output if you want to learn from it.

A group of members from Nazarene Church in Kansas City Missouri has bought a second hand computer for their office so that they can create a better presentation and that they can teach children better using the computer but they realized that the computer is not having an Operating System that is not useful at all by this time so they upgraded the computer its memory and hard disk but they do not have enough money to buy the Windows Operating system and Microsoft Office which will cost too much. Their option is to ask for donation for members to complete their needs but one member suggested a free operating system which is called Linux Operating System, this operating system is free to download and most of its add-ons are also free including Open Office which they hardly need. Open Office works just like Microsoft Office so they downloaded and install the software for their church.

The result was amazing it doesn’t take long till they learned to master the software and most of all its absolutely free, the contribution they have collected was spent to buy another computer so that they can expand more and teach more children and members by this time they have doubled their members and they can simply create leaflets, brochures, presentation and other desktop publishing with the use of their system which is free. Using GNU open source software system is indeed a blessing in Nazarene Church in Kansas City but that was during their first few years of operation. Their members who came to know about the system also saved so much in their home using the same Linux Operating System rather than windows, they have come to realized that this system is not much glamorous in design but they have the same function.

The best advantage of the GNU open source is that you will also get the corresponding codes that is needed to enhance the program features, this means that you can put additional features in the software if you are a programmer or you can simply give your codes of recommendation to add up to the products and if you like you can also sell their system, but watch out because you cannot entirely own the license of their software because it belongs to the organization.

There are also restriction that you do not have to abuse its compilation, all their software system are free to use, distribute or sell the software but the privileges that you have gained is also passed on and entitled to the person who bought it. This makes sense that everyone is free to sell the products. Imagine how much usefulness and savings a company and organization can have using this software a truly wonderful gift of information technology that needs to be discovered and use, simply unbelievable but its true! Free Software Foundation is but you can download software their free software here; . If you want the Linux Operating System visit together with Open Office visit this website today and find out for yourself the benefits of these software on your organization and you will definitely love it!


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