September 1, 2011



The personality of an individual and their performance at work and in organizations including in schools depends entirely on how they were raised by their family and their upbringing, their social relation can mold their confidence and their behavior, especially among children who have learned from their peers and from their family. Socializing is needed and this is one of the reasons why children would need to go in school to be able to learn more than the academic but also how they can be associated to people and discover their personality and their potentials.

A group of grade six students sit in front of their teacher Ms.Ross, and most of them behave well during the first day of school and their teacher says that all of them are great, beautiful individual but she noticed Norman is the only one who would like to sit at the last row away from his classmates. Later on during recess of the class, she noticed that Norman is not playing along with other children and his clothes were dirty and she thought that Norman didn’t take a bath during that day, she would say to herself that maybe he will do better tomorrow. But during the day he also noticed that Norman would shed a bit tears in her eyes and during discussion he hardly listen.

After a week Ms. Ross still felt that Norman hasn’t change at all and he is the only one that got very low grade in their first quiz, and during recitation he would not participate but simply sit at the back row in their room. Most of his classmates would laugh at him and some scolded him while girls would prevent him because he is messy and smelly in school. Ms. Ross noticed that he has no friends. Later on she often talk to Norman and realized that recently her mother died and his father was a drunkard and never minding about his studies. Norman is a self supporting student at the age of 8 until now that he is 12 buying and selling bottles, plastics and cartons at the junk shop with his small push cart that he often used during Sunday when there is no class. He has no brother and sister and his only friend was his dog.

Later on Ms. Ross realized that Norman performed well in class during his first grade when his mother supported him during his class some teachers would even say that he do well in school and he is smart in class but now that her mother is dead no one has supported him rather than himself. Ms. Ross began to personally train Norman during recess and he would give him old clothes that were good enough rather than his uniform, he would encourage him to visit her home for a few more tutorials in school, later on they have become friends.

After a few times she noticed a big surprise, and a difference in Norman’s behavior he began to come alive and performed well in class he takes a bath every day until he has finally developed in class and became popular he found many friends because he always makes a perfect score in math and in other subject he would still make good grades. Children do not scold him again because he has changed he has become the champion in spelling and received a good amount of cash that he had shared in class. He never forgets her teacher by giving her a small bracelet that is a gift from her mother when she was alive, Ms. Ross understands that Norman is a very good boy and he is longing to have a mother that’s what she has given.

After they graduated in class Norman would hug his teacher and say’s to her that he would never forget her for she has given him so much more than knowledge and wisdom but an inspiration to live a good life. Norman say’s goodbye to her teacher and given her the best hug she never forget when Norman says that would study in the province. Norman would visit her during vacation until he had finished high school, He is quiet different now and his father has also changed. Norman is now in college but still he would visit Ms.Ross during vacation, and after a few more years Norman is a renewed man.

After he graduated in a business course, he has many connections in all his dealings and he has grown his business, and the last time he visited Ms.Ross he has been married. He would still hug Miss Ross just like a mother and thank her for making a difference in his life. He said that he is glad she’s been his teacher. Ms.Ross never married but Ross took good care of her that she lived in Norman’s house as soon as she retired till the day she died. He remembered the last word Ms.Ross said, that he is the best student he ever had, and in his mind she was the best teacher he ever had.

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