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Sample Marketing Strategies Adopted Catering Services of Jollibee


Jollibee Food Corporation or JFC is one of the most successful companies in the Philippines because of its great food that fits your budget and favorite among children, with great service and people with more than 600 stores in the Philippines and 50 International branch including USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Qatar and acquiring other brand name including Mang Pepe’s restaurant, Greenwich Pizza and Chowking which has also been the Filipino favorite. Handle by the best local and International marketing experts that the Philippines can be proud of. Jollibee also helped many college students who would like to be employed part time while they study, if the students perform well on their duty they can apply full time in the restaurant as soon as they graduate.

While McDonalds penetrated the International market but basically here in the Philippines Jollibee is number one, the rest is just reaching out from the competition. Jollibee is known for their great commercials that children and adults love and enjoy. They instill on Filipino moral value that has been the countries pride, they have also instill family consciousness and its importance and celebrating the uniqueness of the country’s eating habit with their best loved food product lines including the famous Chickenjoy, Jolly spaghetti, Yum burger, Champ. Most of them taste purely Filipino flavorful “Langhap Sarap meal” and more.

Jollibee Foods Corporation offers more than great value but services and dinning pleasure when you visit their store you will be greeted by their staff and your ready to simply choose your favorite food and when it’s not available you simply have to wait for a few moment by giving the red number stand for your claim orders. Usually most of their stores have a plenty of customers so you need to be patient to reach the counter. If you are in a hurry you can simply use their drive thru service by passing through the drive through sections giving your order usually outside the store and ordering a take home food for your family you just have to wait for a few minutes and your order is available, eat anywhere you want when it strikes you even on the road just be sure to drive safely. You can also simply choose to ask the branch or call them for free delivery if you do not intend to visit their store but craving for their food because you often see it in the commercial.

When it’s late at night and you find yourself hungry there are many available branches that is open 24 hours nationwide to serve you all day and all night. Jollibee also offers a kids catering party on their stores, kids love it and their friends enjoy it. You can ask every stores how you can arrange your service for their service package, if you have enough cash and you want to treat them an outdoor party you can simply ask the branch and arrange for a catering service and ask for the Mascots that children will surely love, some will jump for joy if they see the big characters and the famous Jollibee that has become kids idol. Some small children are sometimes scared with these giants while some are amazed, they will prepare song, dance and games that children and parents can come along with. They will also include some prizes and other surprises that kids will simply enjoy, but usually they spend a limited time or depending on your budget or package arrangement.

Most importantly the best loved foods for everyone is served fresh and delicious, children usually ask for more when the Mascot left. Jollibee can also cater to a corporate business that is usually near their stores, they ordered their food on Jollibee for their meeting, seminars, conference and get together because it’s fast and easy no need to plan the meal, customers can simply chose from their wide selection and leave the rest to them.

Jollibee marketing strategies and services are usually the colonial anticipation that Filipinos are mentally conventional about foreign preferences. The adoptive behavior of this company goes well with the customer’s perception that looks like they were eating on a foreign restaurant with a Filipino twist. Their advertising strategy is highly attractive that even children will push their parents to buy the products, and what they have shown on the commercial is highly a distinction and valued because of its economical service and price of their food goes well with the Filipino budget since they are somehow assured of its taste and quality.

. The marketing strategy of Jollibee Food Corporation is attraction and highly commercialized using various media including TV, Radio, Newsprint and more, they must have spend millions of their budget to stay on top of the mind of their customers especially among the Filipino.


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