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Meeting and Convention Management



                                                                             The following is a proposal to host the International Convention in 2009. The specific site is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, HKCEC, located at the waterfront of Wanchai District of Hong Kong. HKCEC is conveniently connected by covered walkways to adjacent to luxury hotels like the Grand Hyatt and the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel; public transportation; business; shopping; and entertainment. The center is just about 30 minutes away from the airport via the road or express rail link.

Hong Kong as a Conference Destination

Hong Kong is a known travel destination in Asia and also in the world. The territory is 2,916 square kilometers and is divided into four areas: the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories, and Outlying Islands. Victoria Harbor's northern and southern shores are mostly urban boasting many high-rises and infrastructures. Hong Kong has approximately 6.4 million people making it one of the most densely populated places in the world. The people of Hong Kong speak Chinese and English with Cantonese the most widely spoken dialect.

                                                                             Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical, both spring and autumn are sunny and comfortable at 23 degrees while summer has an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and winter is not very cold at 17 degrees, making the city a whole year round travel destination.

Transportation Facilities

                                                                             Hong Kong is highly accessible from anywhere in the world with about 65 airlines and 1,500 scheduled passenger and cargo flights each week. It has an international airport at Lantau Island that can be accessed via the Airport Express train, Mass Transit Railway, MTR, bus, ferry, or taxi.

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

One of the assets of Hong Kong, aside from the popular attractions within the city, is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, HKCEC, a world class and award-winning exhibitions and conventions venue located at the business hub of Hong Kong, the Wanchai district. With over a hundred of conferences, meeting and seminars held at HKCEC, Hong Kong was coined the "Events Capital of Asia" today.

The center was the venue for the different international conventions attended by important delegates, leaders and professionals, such as The 1997 Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund with about 12,000 delegates; The 49th Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Annual Conference 2000 with 1,200 delegates; The 67th International Union of Fairs (UFI), Annual Conference 2000 attended by 250 professional leaders; and the Lions Club International Convention in 2005 with over 30,000 delegates. It was also the venue of the return of Hong Kong's sovereignty to China in 1997 when HKCEC hosted the banquet for more than 4000 diplomats and government officials and other parties.

                                                                             Currently, about 3.41 million business travelers come to Hong Kong every year. One third of these visitors come for convention, exhibitions, incentives and meetings (HK Tourism Board, 2005).


                                                                             The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center is envisioned to be the best exhibition and convention center in Asia and to be internationally known for excellence and for hosting the world's greatest events (HKCEC, 2006). The center has won a number of awards including the "Best Convention and Exhibition Center in Asia Pacific" in the CEI Asia Pacific Annjual survey by organizers of exhibitions and conferences. It also has a vision of playing important role in promoting tourism in Hong Kong by attracting organizations and exhibitors to come to Hong Kong and conduct business incorporated with pleasure and different experience.  

                                                                             To maintain its leading position as well as to sustain its branding as a proven venue choice in Hong Kong, HKCEC is continuously improving its customer services and hardware facilities. In 2006, its expansion plan will commence and will be completed in 2009, creating additional space of 19,400 square meters and a total exhibition space of 88,300 square meters (HKCEC, 2005).



Convention Services


                                                                             The Stare Ferry operates two routes from HKCEC across the Victoria Harbour: one going to Cultural Center, Tsim Sha Tsui and the other is Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom route with a fare of HK$2.2 for adults and HK$ for children. The closest MTR station serving the HKCEC is the Wan Chai Station on the Island Line. HKCEC is also served by buses.


An international conference is a prestigious event that is sure to be attended by important delegates and participants from all over the world. It must be well-organized, advertised and must be held in a convenient venue where all the needs and requirements of a conference can be met. HKCEC is the most ideal venue for such events and has been proven for years for its excellent services and amenities. HKCEC is a state-of the-art convention center with the following facilities:



Five Exhibition Halls

  • 12,6000 sq. meters
  • Two halls 9,000 sq. m. each
  • 8,500 sq. m
  • 7,600 sq. m


Two Convention Halls

  • One Hall  3,800 sq. m for 3,800 people
  • One Hall 1,800 sq. m for 1,800 people

Two Theaters

  • 637-seater
  • 336-seater


52 Meeting Rooms


Simultaneous Interpretation

 Total area of 6,004 sq. m to accommodate 15-800 people per room

  • At least 4 fixed booths and 9 mobile booths
  • 637 hard wire headsets
  • 800 infrared headsets


Materials/ Freight Handling Facilities

  • Maximum capability of Freight lifts – 7,000kg/lb
  • Maximum capability of container lifts- 45,000 kg/lb

Car Parking

  • 1350 car parking spaces



                                                                             To book an event, organizers will simply fill up and submit the form on the website of HKCEC, HKCEC also provide a fast, efficient and convenient solution for a variety of local and international events through hotline 31 288 288 or via the internet,


An event at HKCEC is highly advertised depending on the requirements of the client. The on-site advertising medium provides excellent advertisements for reaching million of exhibitors, delegates, buyers and visitors coming to the HKCEC. The 4-sheet posters with a portrait dimension of 1.53m in height and 1.01m in width are located at the columns along the atrium of the center. The giant-sized posters with a landscape dimension of 2.8m in height and 6m in width are located at the interior walls of the convention center.

Meeting Packages

                                                                             With the effort and aim of giving meeting planners and convention organizers value-added and flexibility, HKCEC offers Meeting Packages.

 For international conventions that needed a 2,000 square meter hall, the forum package of HK$74,970 per day is available with additional equipments and improved facilities. The same venue can be used one the 2nd day for up to 4 hours at the price of HK$56,228. It includes:

  • daily hire of Hall 5A or 7A based on 8:00am to 7:00pm
  •  installation of carpet for 2,000sq.m floor area
  • ceiling-to-floor wall draping for decorative and partitioning purposes
  •  seating arrangement for up to 1600 people in theater style or 900 people in classroom style
  • 36'wide x 24' deep x 4' high stage
  •  One fast fold front projection screen 10'x15'
  • One high intensity slide projector
  • One LCD projector
  • Eight standard table/floor microphones (wired)
  • Conference lighting with dimmers and spot lights for the stage
  • Conference sound system
  • Technician standby throughout the event for the control of in-house sound and lighting
  • Free use of two organizer offices (one outside Hall 5A/7A and one at the material handling area)
  • Plants decoration inside the Forum and silk flower arrangement on reception tables
  • Mints served on meeting tables (not available for theater set up)
  • Temporary changing room inside the Forum (by using partitions, this arrangement is only provided on request and subject to space availability according to final set-up of the event)

For meetings or conferences with a minimum of 1,200 delegates, the Meeting Package 6 is ideal and practical. The package is a full day meeting package with lunch and refreshments that costs HK$365 + 10% service charge per person per day. The package is applicable to conventions and corporate meetings with at least 1,200 persons per day for 3 full days.

  • For a minimum attendance of 1,200 persons per day- use of Convention Hall or The Forum (Hall 5A/7A)
  • For a minimum attendance of 1,500 persons per day - use of Grand Hall
  • For a minimum attendance of 3,000 persons per day- the use of Hall 3
  • use of meeting rooms between 8:00am to 6:00pm
  • Chinese or Western lunch in a designated area
  • Welcome coffee and tea break
  • Silk flower arrangement on reception tables and mints served on meeting tables (not available for theater set-up)
  • Use of meeting equipments:

-          two flip charts

-           two white boards

-           one podium

-          Built-in stage or mobile stage of a recommended size

-          3 wireless microphones and six wired microphones

-          One laser pointer

-          1 VCR with 1 26" or 29" TV monitor

-          One 35mm carousel slide projector

-          One LCD projector for video and data presentation

-          One 10'x15' portable screen

-          Meeting stationery

-          One complimentary organizer office with amenities

-          Registration counters

-          On-site technician to cover the Sound/Light Control Room or stage area

There are also other arrangements that can be negotiated with the HKCEC sales team depending on the needs, requirements and budget of the organizing party.




                                                                             The HKCEC has the exclusive rights to sell, supply and distribute food and beverages within the area of the venue. The organizers can discuss about the catering services through phone or e-mail There are six restaurants at HKCEC which offers variety of quality Asian and Western cuisine. The Harbour Lounge, the Gallery Café and The Port Café offer cocktails and buffet lunch while at the Dragon's Place and the Golden Bauhinia visitors can enjoy sophisticated Chinese and international cuisine. Recently, the Harbour Kitchen added to the range of HKCEC restaurants which specializes in authentic local food and drink and letting the customers experience traditional Hong Kong dining.


                                                                             Facilities of hotels in Hong Kong are classified to be one of the best. HKCEC is near luxurious hotels such as the Grand Hyatt and the Renaissance aside from the wide range of hotels all over Hong Kong. Hotels in Hong Kong are classified as follows:


Price Range (2006 Rates)

Five-Star Hotels

HK$1500-3000 (US$ 194-387)

Four-Star Hotels

HK$ 600-1600 (US$79-207)

Three-Star Hotels

HK$400-1000 (US$52- 129)


HK$ 300-800 (US$39-104)




                                                                             The HKCEC has highly trained and experienced security personnel of over 100, offering the support the visitors need with innovative and creative operating techniques. In addition to this, HKCEC has recently installed the Access Control Electronic Lock System, a swipe for security system, for all ancillary rooms including the organizer suites, VIP rooms and dressing rooms. At HKCEC, every visitor will always feel safe especially those high ranking officials of organizations and government offices.


                                                                             HKCEC has a reputation of providing quality services to the users of the center. The sales staff of the HKCEC is available and can be reached via the phone or the internet at HKCEC official website. During the event, the management will assign credible and reliable staffs that will help the organizers with their needs from the registration table up to the detailed needs and arrangements. Technical staffs are also on standby and always available to help the clients with their technical needs such as in lighting or sound and in giving assistance with the use of equipments.




Generally, Hong Kong is the best place for a convention due to the following strengths (Kay, 2003) compared to other potential venues like Singapore, Taipei and Seoul:

  • Hong Kong is strategically located within five hours flight from anywhere in Asia.
  • Hong Kong offers visa free entry to citizen of 160 nations and attracts international attendees with its reputation as a safe, reliable and law-abiding place
  • Hong Kong is a free-port with no trade license or tariff on most general merchandise to be exhibited
  • It offers abroad range of cultural and entertainment activities to visitors
  • Hong Kong has a large and readily available pool of experienced convention and exhibition professionals including booth designers, contractors, marketing experts and freight forwarders

Being known to be a reliable venue to international conferences, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center with its many advantages from the location up to its facilities is the ideal venue for another international conference. Not only will the visitors enjoy the convention center itself but also the attractions all over Hong Kong that will make doing business and travel another experience.










Kay, Andrew (2003), Hong Kong Airport Exhibition Hall (HKAE) Marketing &

 Promotion, Doctor of Business Admission, The Hong Kong

Polytechnic University, MGT6011 – Qualitative Research and



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