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Sample Attitudes Toward Advertising

Attitudes towards Advertising

Ever since, advertising has been become the mainstream of any industry. And, it is also the vital part in the economic development and progress in many countries worldwide. For, advertising has the power to manipulate the society, economy, and the government. It is for obvious reasons that advertising is very prevalent in all parts of the globe, for it provides to promote various products and services, plus different businesses as well. Modern inventions and creations by numerous numbers of companies are becoming popular through advertisements. In addition to that, the economy at large is also becoming stronger, through the help of advertising. Many consumers buy products and avail different kinds of services because they have seen all these in television, have read on newspapers and magazines, have seen on the large billboards from different places. In spite of the fact, that advertisements cost many companies to raise a huge amount of money, still, the willingness of these business owners are there to advertise their products and services through media. And, advertisements must be the core investment of any business. Many critics are debating on different impacts of advertising to different people in the world. But, there is only common thing that the people in the society have one thing in common, and that is the desire to buy something, after they have watch the endorser on the television, or having read it from the newspaper or magazine. And, now, the most significant form of advertisement nowadays is the online advertisement, where people can even shop online right in the comfort of their homes or offices. Modern form of advertising only shows how powerful the advertisement to many people out there.


On the other hand, advertisement has an adverse effect to some women out there. It has become the source of inferiority complex and insecurity of some women. They tend to compare themselves to those sexy and beautiful commercial models; and as a result, they are becoming too much conscious about how they look. This is the main reason that a lot of women are having eating disorders and started to entertain negative ideas in their minds on the issue of over dieting and becoming slimmer. Another thing is TV commercials are the backbone of many shows. They are the one who help the TV station to attract many viewers and audiences, as well as it attracts many costumers to buy the products. Furthermore, advertising plays a major role in politics. There are numerous politicians who spend a huge amount of money just for the elections and political campaigns. Additionally, advertising gives a great impact to the country’s culture as well.


Various researches show that if there is a group of people who are very much affected by advertisements, it is no less than the youth today. They are the most influenced by these advertisements. Since, they are always the main target of all commercials that are shown in television, printed on the newspapers and magazines, and most especially a lot of advertisements that are seen in the internet. All these form of advertisements target the youth group for their major market. In this regard, there are many impetuous advertisers from younger generation at present time who really manage to associate computer technology with graphic arts, communication and business. By using various cooperative learning, students nowadays, can easily form their own advertising campaigns to promote a product or service. Nonetheless, advertisement leads the young generation to become more creative and advanced when it comes to developing their craft and skills in media communications. And, a lot of studies prove that larger number of children is greatly influenced by marketing effectiveness of many products that are shown on television. In the same manner, a tremendous number of teenagers are spending most of their time in watching television, reading magazines, newspapers, playing video games, as well as using the computer. In the same way, another survey explained that there are larger numbers of teenagers who are more enjoyable to watch TV commercials than television shows. In view thereof, there are many youth today who spend their money to buy things such as clothes, hi-tech gadgets, less-nutritional food through the power of advertisements. Subsequently, even adults, are greatly influenced by the commercials they see. Therefore, the entire society has been dependent on what media dictates them to buy or to do. And, the television, movies, magazines, newspapers, internet are the most powerful factors that greatly influenced whatever decision they make in their lives.







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