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Sample Impact of Disconnecting Power Supply of Consumer as a Means of Encouraging Bill Payments

Impact of Disconnecting Power Supply of Consumer as a Means of Encouraging Bill Payments

At present time, commercial companies like power supply companies are exerting their best efforts to reduce the problems of accumulation of over dues from the consumers. For them, this is the most effective way to regulate their consumers to pay their bills on time. Each consumer is expected to pay their bills on or before the due date. And, just in case, fails to pay it on time, disconnection notice is being given to the consumer; however if they fail to comply with the notification, their power supply is subject to disconnection under Law of Conditions of Power Supply. In this regard, proper procedure is adopted in disconnecting power supply of the unpaid consumers. First, as what mentioned earlier, there is a 15 days notice of disconnection to the consumer, in case the bill is not paid within the grace period. If the payment is not received before the expiry of the notification, the premises of the consumer must be disconnected by the disconnection staff.


Furthermore, the whole world is very dependent on the electrical supply at homes, offices, schools, hospitals national roads, government agencies and many more establishments that can never function or operate effectively without a power supply. So, in order to avoid disconnection to happen in your premises, see to it that your bills will be paid on or before the disconnection period. Today, supply of energy has been privatized already. Each power supply company has its specified regulations to follow in order the consumers to avail continuous power supply in their premises. First thing first, cut-off process information is very important to keep in mind. The company will give you 28 days before disconnect your power supply. Many power supply companies are of course prefer to have customers that pay their bills on time, than having the customers cut-off their power supply, then earns nothing from them. However, disconnecting consumer power supply have a crucial impacts to the many consumers, at homes, it is very difficult to perform the household chores without a stable light system. Students at home can not do their research, assignments and projects through internet without a power supply. In the same manner, you will be isolated from the rest of the world, because you can not use your mobile phone and even your telephone, no TV, radio and computer to keep you abreast with what is happening in your environment. On the other hand, this is more difficult to establishments such as offices, condominiums, schools, police stations, churches, department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bars among other businesses. Consequently, power supply plays a major role in every business and household across the world. People can not live efficiently, as well as can not function effectively without a power supply.


Therefore, it is a lesson for every consumer to pay their bills on time to prevent power supply disconnection in their premises. For those who are having hard time to raise money for their monthly bills, it is just a matter of self-discipline, prioritizing your expenses, and always see to it that you always allot money for your monthly bills before you spend the rest of it on luxuries or on not so important things. Nonetheless, this policy of power supply companies have been proven effective and less problems on the power supply companies; since the consumers are being accountable of being their delinquent payers. The consumers are the most affected in this policy. Unpaid bills plus disconnection will cost more money on the consumers’ part, since they will have to pay the reconnection and penalty fees. Accordingly, to keep the energy flowing in your house or offices is to pay the electricity bill; if you do not want to go in court. Likewise, not paying any bill reflects on the persona of the consumer. It is better to face your financial obligations, settle it personally, and as much as possible, avoid hiding from the power supply representative that comes in your house or establishment. This will only magnify your present problem. Additionally, in order to minimize your electricity costs, it is better to cut down on your electricity usage at home or offices. Reducing electricity consumptions means lowering emissions in a daily basis. And, it will help our mother earth to improve its condition. Do not standby your appliances or gadgets when they are not in used. Switch to low intensity energy efficient light bulbs that can help you save energy. Learn to use power blocks for home and offices. Unplug all the power sockets when not in use to reduce the energy supply that flows in your premises. Those are energy-saving tips that can help the consumers to prevent energy high-cost consumptions and disconnection.







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