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Sample Effects of Alcoholism to Society


Alcoholism or dependency of alcohol is a chronic disease of a person who has realized the needs for cravings and finding satisfaction in drinking too much alcohol. A person who suffered from this kind of illness is called alcoholic that becomes the underlying cause of many complicated symptoms including physical disturbance, medical disorders, marital problems, job lost even car accidents etc. All this and more has been the effect of alcoholism and still people who are dependent of this alcoholism still find satisfaction in drinking too much even if they suffered much. Some say that alcoholism is entirely psychological others says it is genetic and most says that is it developed through by and mostly they say it is the influence of commercialism and the society itself. But medical professionals has yet to discover the real manifestation of alcoholism to the society but they say that all factors have largely contributed to the development of this disease in once personality and still it is our decision to be addicted in such manner.

All can be alcoholics whether you are a businessman a student a housewife, male or female young and old can be influenced entirely with this kind of obsession even children inside school and college students after class have found satisfaction to release tension in drinking. It all started in tasting a small glass until it becomes a habit, people tend to drink once in a while and drink again by weekend and it becomes a natural pattern that people would deny the fact that they are dependent on alcohol until such problems arise. This compulsive behavior when noticed by other people, they tend to drink more, sometimes smoke more and use of drugs that are interrelated vices that cannot be prevented by common words and reminders of their loved ones.

So why do people drink? In United States alone during 2007 research conducted by medical professionals shows that there are more or less 12.5 million men and women has become alcoholic and this comes from a combination of all age bracket, they drink because of pleasure, they drink because of pressure. They say that it is a culture and a form of diversion to sometimes escape from reality or from hard days of work and a form of release of tension. But basically there are no acceptable sets of rules and reason for drinking.

Alcoholism has brought about uncontrollable emotion and related problem they tend to be out of control under the influence of alcohol and it can be easily identified if a person is drunk they tend to be too much happy or too much depressed, they can be brutal and forceful sometimes they may even be engage in any forms of crimes such as killings, rape, robbery and in most cases devastation of their own life or personality which is worst that they themselves has been the victim of their own alcoholism.

Dual personality or personality difference, when people is highly influenced they tend to be a different human being and when they return from their inner self after a while they may say that they no longer remembered what they have done.

Physical and Psychological manifestation dilemma, A person who suffered from alcoholism may look physically the same but inside their body is like a rotten woods filled with insects that slowly eats up their internal organ and they will suffer sooner or later until the body can no longer resist the pain and eventually give in. Heart disease, Liver problems, Lung problems, Hepatitis and other symptoms may arise. More so the psychological capacity or worse case scenario if they tend to stop their drinking habit they may even experience vomiting, nauseas, headache, shaking and hallucination and mild amnesia.

Family struggle and sufferings may be encountered when one has been engage in alcoholism they may tend to fight and quarrel about behaviors and changes. Some even manifest hatred and denouncing of family members rather than love and support. The money that should be dedicated to paying of bills and household expenses has been replaced by buying alcohol and beers. They even tell all kinds of lies to get the money that should be a part of household budget.

There are many treatments that can actually overcome this kind of disease, peer groups and family support and their tender loving care to reach the person they love, rehabilitation and other programs can be an effective cure but the best treatment is when a person admits that he has been an alcoholic and his willingness to change solved almost fifty percent of a problem.


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