July 24, 2009

Research Proposal on Ethical Dilemma

Sample Research Proposal Instructions


You are heading the sales and promotion department at a major private health insurance organisation based in Victoria. This department is responsible for coming up with new strategies to promote the health products advertised by the organisation. The competition is getting stiffer and stiffer. Recession in the economy is not helping. There is a major push from the Managing Director to increase sales and thereby increasing the market share and presence. In fact a lot of jobs are on the line, including yours, if some major changes are not produced over the next six months.
One day you are approached by a co-worker- Elijah, who has recently joined this organisation. He is responsible for generating new ideas for promotion. Elijah used to work for the major competitor of this organisation (Health++ Pvt. Ltd.), for seven years. He suggests, "I made notes on all of Health++'s strategies and internal marketing decisions. Their strategies are much more advanced and cutting edge as compared to the ones being followed here. Would you like to have a look at those notes? We can then have a detailed discussion."

How would you respond ?


Apply the general procedure for analysing an ethical problem. Include the following sections in your report:
o The stakeholders: people involved,
o General Obligations that the scenario demands,
o Which actions are likely to bring best consequences?
o Any question(s) that has(have) been raised in the scenario.
o Write 1-2 page report.

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