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Sample Shared Vision of leaders and Staff towards Organization’s Strategic Objectives

Shared Vision of leaders and Staff towards Organization’s Strategic Objectives

Shared Vision of both leaders and employees must be realistic, credible, and it offers future favorable results in the organization. The vision must be based in practicality and it also offers meaningful output to the entire company. In the same manner, it must be credible or believable, in a way that it must serve a useful purpose to both the workforce and the leaders. And, when the shared vision is going to inspire and motivate people in the organization; it must be attractive. Likewise, the entire people in the company should want to be a part of that vision, because they know the fact that they are also one of those beneficiaries of the organization’s strategic objectives. When you say vision, it is referring to the future image or reputation of one company. Formulating a shared vision therefore means working together to achieve favorable results in the future. Similarly, both parties must benefit from the plan and design they want the company must be in the future. Some business experts believe that if the leaders and staff share a common meaningful vision in the organization; it can inspire people to commit themselves to work together enthusiastically, in order to attain their goals and objectives in the near future. A good vision is very essential element for the employees to work harder; it makes them feel that they are the most important part of a greater whole, and therefore, energizes them to exert their effort to help the organization to become more productive. One more thing, lack of striving for excellence will not motivate employees to excel in their jobs. The standard of excellence is a continuing goal of everyone to hone, improve their crafts, as well as to stimulate progress and innovation within the company. In the same way, right vision focuses and heads on the future objectives. It also provides positive direction towards favorable results.


Furthermore, strategic plan and objective is how the people in the organization want to get from where they are now, to where they want to be in the near future. And, it must be associated with set of ideals and priorities, core of principles that the company stands for and work for, as well as a wide range of compelling guidelines that will help the employees and the organization to attain their success in the future. Correspondingly, the core beliefs and values that embedded in the organization as well as in the employees are very essential factors in order to survive and achieve their objectives. By the way, what are core values and beliefs? They can relate to different individuals in the company such as the leaders, employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders of the firm. This refers to the ethical manner on how they interact with each other, during their business dealings. And, most especially, how they carry themselves and act in times of challenges and issues. Besides, a share vision must be coupled with a sense of purpose and strong commitment; they are two things that bind the employees and the leaders together for a common cause. They, also direct the people in the organization to respect, inspire, as well as to give hope to each other.


In developing a vision, first, people should learn every single detail regarding the organization. A thorough understanding of all areas in the workplace is a good foundation for the vision to succeed. Understanding about company’s mission and purpose are essential to focus their vision on their interests and expectations. And, conducting a vision audit should be taken, in order to assess the current financial standing of the organization, as well as to determine the firm’s capacity for its implementation of new vision. Then, it is a time, to narrow down the company’s vision within the boundaries and capabilities of the company’s resources. After that, setting the vision framework is strongly recommended, to be able to head towards the right direction. Next, is to develop future scenarios that will follow directly to the future expectations of the people from the organization. Prior to these, there must be alternative visions readily prepared, just in case the main vision will not be successful in the long run. The last but not the least, choosing a final vision must best meet all criteria of a good vision that can compliment with the organization’s culture and values. On the other hand, never disregard the existing vision that are operational and provides significant result to the entire organization, just add them in order to have greater result within the organization.







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