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In a private construction company just like Ghilotti in Santa Rosa, California a private family owned company with almost 90 years of solid operation experience in construction. Their services includes; grading and excavating, paving, soil stabilization and concreting, quality and safety at work is their primary concern and they have done this through constant training and development, teaching their workers the best health and safety methods during construction. They have also practiced health and safety in the community around their construction areas. Motivation is highly important in their employees to maintain a good atmosphere in the workplace and communication relation openness and perspective among workers.

They have motivated their employees through practical activities and manuals that are available, signage, posters and other materials is readily in place to remind them about their job. They are also given proper tools and uniform including hats, shoes and gloves. And being a private company they have ensured their contractor about safety standard that they are going to follow their given procedures. Workers who do not comply cannot enter the construction premises, if they have been into drugs or under the influence of alcohol they are not allowed to do the task. They may even be dismissed in their works if they committed such misbehavior, some workers may do this at night after their work and they will be given punishment due to disobedience. They are also given proper treatment and medicine in case they do not feel well because of physical works and there are available first aid nurse in case of emergency.

This way they have eliminated accidents at the workplace. The company and their contractor have given them the best supplies of machineries and construction materials that makes their employees more comfortable to work, this still can motivated their employees if they found out that what they need has been given priority. There are reports of low performance at work that is why there are managers and supervising engineers to take care of their employees and to give them a concrete instruction if they do not know the job or they need additional instruction.

The company first and foremost, exercises the value at work and emphasizes its importance to eliminate misbehavior and tardiness of workers. They have considered the importance of its people that is why they are given the best compensation and benefits they could ever have that is the best in the industry, workers are empowered through cultural work environment and practices. If they have done more than their expected output they are given great bonuses that they can enjoy that is why they worked as a team, their performance is highly credited and teamwork makes them really serious about the job.

Most workers have learned to master their skills for a high quality output and more so they are motivated to finish their work in due time, they are serious and focused on their works this gives them additional benefits at work. The power of bonuses and incentives makes them more motivated to build higher performance, the commitment of their employees is constantly highly expected and their workers top ability has been met. The workers has exercised self initiative to report the needed attention areas that needs to be met, example are dangerous scavenging, thin areas or inappropriate lands. Due to this reasons they have decreased the total cost of production and they have improved the quality of work most of all they have maintained the health and safety level performance of their employees.

To be able to keep them motivated they are given individual performance appraisal and those who are already given many years of their services at the company and have performed well are given the opportunity to grow and be promoted as construction supervisor, so as to keep them growing. The employees will grow together as the company grows. The successful implementation of their employee’s performance and motivation lead them to even more success to get more contracts from various companies and government. They have bolstered road projects in construction while serving residential and business construction sites, these means more projects and more revenue.

One of their top executives and part owner of the company, Dick Ghilotti thank their people saying that “they have achieved quality in their entire construction project” that is why Ghilotti says, they will continue to expand geographically in various states and this has been the result of the best highly motivated employees.


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