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Sample Literature Review on the Improvement of the Performance of Nurses through Training and Development

Literature Review on the Improvement of the Performance of Nurses through Training and Development

There are many various ways that training and development may help to improve the performances of the nurses in the field. First, training and development provides them great motivation to learn more, to increase their knowledge and skills on how to redesign their jobs. Innovative interventions are very essential in determining the capability of the nurses to step up into higher level in the health care profession. The retention of knowledge and skills gained from training and development programs among nurses are crucial element to examine their ability to cope up with different tasks assigned to them. Assigning them to different hospital departments will be easier then, with their acquired knowledge and skills in different areas such as cardiopulmonary, critical care, practice development resuscitation, among others. Furthermore, educational strategies are very important in identifying educational approaches they learn from various trainings and developments. Through enhancing the retention of knowledge and skills during and after resuscitation training, it will absolutely optimize the rate of survival patients from cardiopulmonary arrest. In contrast, poor knowledge and skill retention among medical staff increases the cardiac arrest cases in most hospitals in every part of the world. In view thereof, it is a mandatory for nursing staff to know how to give resuscitation procedure to the patients in cardiopulmonary cases. As a matter of fact, it has been recommended for more than 20 years that nursing and medical staff should know cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Another literature review which was undertaken by using Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, Medline and British Nursing Index databases; as well as the basic methods of “cardiopulmonary resuscitation” as both “ basic life support” and “advanced life support and training” given to many nurse. Relatively, during resuscitation training, different areas of studies are being thought to nurses such as cardiac arrest simulation, peer tuition, video self-instruction, various utilization of resuscitation guidelines, computer-based learning programs, voice activated manikins, external defibrillators and the use of action cards. In this regard, resuscitation training is mainly based on in-hospital scenarios. An expert instructor is giving feedbacks to the nurses if they do the steps correctly. It includes the present-situational guidelines like how to do simulations in different cardiac arrest cases. Correspondingly, this training program ensures the potentials of many nurses to go far beyond their duties in nursing practice. This is also the major reason, why World Health Organization, is recommending to nurses in clinical areas to undergo receive automated external defibrillation training. Plus, having access to defibrillators and resuscitation training equipment should always made available in the regional clinics; in order to prevent delays in resuscitation among the patients. In addition to that, many hospitals today, show video self-instruction, in order to many health care personnel to watch it every now and then, as well as to they will able to improve their efficacy and competence in resuscitation. (

Subsequently, health professionals such as nurses are in the right post to alleviate the high risks of related disorders and psychological problems among cancer patients. How can this be done effectively? But, of course proper communication training and development are important to attain this goal. Various medical communication researches proved that the problem-focused training workshop is an effective way to address these psychological related issues among cancer patients in the hospitals. This particular related literature, implies that the role of problem-focused workshops that entail adequate knowledge and skills, along with the ability and willingness of the nurses to assess their patients emotionally; has been a basic guide for them to develop some effective approaches on how to communicate effectively with the cancer patients as well to their families.


Nevertheless, the common problem in nursing training and development is the transformation process of learning ideas to clinical practice. And, this write ups considered peer coaching as the best solution to the problem. This is easily done through the help of nursing educators of course; peer coaching describes the learning process, characteristics, components; as well as the benefits of the process both to nurses and the patients. And, clinical breast examination skills are one of the important training skills that nurses must acquire with accuracy and efficiency. With all these in mind, it may therefore conclude that the efficacy and high standard of nursing practice greatly depends on the nurses’ advanced educational attainment in the medical and health care profession. (







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