September 8, 2011

Sample Bender Gestalt Visual Motor Test


Gestalt Visual Motor Test is another psychological test developed by Laureta Bender in 1938 a child neuropsychiatrist and it is used for evaluation of visual motor maturity to test the psychological disorder or brain damage of the subject. Originally the test includes 9 figures written on a 3x5 card. The process involve is that the subject will copy the figures on a blank sheet of paper as given by the examiner this will be the start to figure out the personality, emotional problem and their mental conditions and the test can be accomplished in 10 minutes more or less it can also be untimed according to the needs of their subject.

In order to analyze the data the subject or the person taking the test must show a basic similarity of understanding of drawing and specific figures not necessarily artistic but with less difference as much as possible do it in the best they can as instructed by the examiner. If there will be no further question the test will proceed the instruction is straightforward but this test if basically used for children.

Due to empirical investigation and numerous scoring system the gestalt visual motor test was revised and given a new name Bender Gestalt II so that in can be equated not just for children but also for matured people quickly and effectively. This comprise a more strict and comprehensive evaluation process because it involve adults even people with language barrier can also be included and this gives the clinician and psychiatrist a more opportunity to develop their interpretation method.

The Bender Gestalt II also incorporates the same principles, same purpose of assessment almost the same process and techniques but this time it is more absolute and highly reliable measurement that they have offered. During the exam all necessary caution should be considered to minimize and lessen frustration coming from the group or individual and confidentiality should be observed. They also need to exercise certain precautionary measures and only qualified practitioners should give the test they should also be the one to administer the interpretation in giving a more effective test.

In using the test for female group or individual who suffered mild to severe consequences for example they were abused physically, they were neglected by their family or they are experiencing heartache from a broke-up issues the Interpretation is the same and grading system is the Bender Gestalt II global scoring system. During the first version of Bender Gestalt the use of Koppitz Grading System is often considered but the birth of Bender Gestalt II Global scoring system was preferred to be more reliable and valid in the studies using this system is best for subject 4 to 85 years of age regardless of ethnicity, and region and in can be used for male and female.

The basis includes a simple good, better best and yes or no, result errors are not scored unless very obvious but there are varying determinant of characteristic in drawing that needs to be guided including misalignment of drawing, increase or decrease of elements, simplification, integration, ranges and more test designs can use various scoring system but global scoring system is the best to use because the overall system is included herein. The examiner should focus on the low average performance because the lower the score the more confidence is placed on the evaluation.

There are also various problems that the examiner may encounter so they should focus on the following to eliminate erroneous misinterpretation; the examiner may miscalculate the age of their subject that results in too many or too few items, they may even give the correct items but incorrect orders, during the test the examiner must make sure that they are not rotating or misalign their cards. The least error that they can do is to misinterpret the findings when they found out that the test are confusing and the age of the subject data is not correctly written sometimes they may not also follow the guidelines. To be able to follow the guidelines the figures have a separate list of rules that is not seen by the subject.

The test is interpreted depending on the form of the test used additionally the examiner can interpret the subject while taking the test for example a certain examiner takes a lot of time in just drawing a simple circle may already show a disruptive behavior or they may even have visual perceptive behavior. If the subject do not comply in a simple exercise and if they seem to prevent such test this shows a complete severity of psychological imbalance is being shown by the subject.

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