September 1, 2011



Sexual response and intimate desire may be influenced in behavior and while aging for both men and women usually they both have a tendency of decline in intimacy for both husband and wife because of various factors but not necessarily to their opposite sex or younger age individual. The truth is men would still desire at the age of 60 to 80 they can still have sexual explicit desire but their mental development or their ability to control their emotion being a matured individual makes them more likely to exercise their responsibility rather than desire same goes for women. The

University Of Washington School Of Medicine in Seattle and Pfeifer and Associates found out in their research shows that men of 66 to 70 would still have a sexual intercourse weekly and they can be sexually active up to the age of 100 if they can. They added that the sexual hormone of a man can still be sensitive and actively stable at the age of puberty until the fifth level of their life. Technically women can be more severely lessen at the age of 60 because of menopausal period at the age of 50.

The data above is limited in their states studies from other countries who have more conservative sexual preferences proves that it is absolutely lower in age and preferences especially in the Asian region where older people have lower engagement in sexual intercourse because of their sexual orientation, religious belief and culture. There are reasons why the sexual response maybe decrease in aging people is not the reality but a myth the real reasons why their sexual response has been eliminated is not usually the age but their capacity to do it.

For men sexual response maybe eliminated because of erectile dysfunction this may prevent them from sexual drive because of their age, sickness including diabetes, high blood, some sort of cancers etc. may weaken their body than causes them to engage in cure rather than sexual fantasy. For women may have deterioration and weakening of body prevent them from sexual response but sickness including osteoporosis, breast cancer and other diseases makes their body lack the capacity about sexual desire. Medically speaking both men and women have so much incapacitated reasons that eliminate their desire to pursue the excitement they may feel. These are just part of their physical aspect.

There are also psychological aspects that may prevent both men and women to stop or limit their sexual responses while aging. Interpersonal relationship or marital conflict can be a reason, health, finances, fear etc. when too much pressure after a relationship has been experienced this causes them to withdraw of sometime fear to respond sexually. Loneliness and depression being a loner can sometimes interfere.

In school especially among aging primary school teacher who have a family usually their orientation on sexual response is lesser because they would like to protect their status in the eyes of the public but psychologically, aging primary school teachers may feel the same just like everyone. For primary school teachers who are aging but single, the reason is their passion or love of their career has been the underlying factor that reduces sexual response for both men and women and we are going to spend half of this course to deal with them because they are the basic focus of the society related to sexual response or urgency. Look around you in every primary school from government or private institution may provide you an idea why there are many school teachers who remain single and sexually inactive simply because they have the passion and desire only for their profession that they are actually been overly involved in their work and loving it.

They would toil day and night to teach children giving their best knowledge and wisdom to influence them about motivation and character building that their personality has been molded to perfection to become the role model so as to give example being an educator of the society and the children. Sometimes they have forgotten their personal life and about having a relationship with the opposite sex. Some people and even students may ask how or when will they ever going to get married for they remain in school teaching children and nurturing them perfectly without exemption.

This has been the reason why there are so many primary school teachers who have grown old simply because they stuck themselves in their job. But when we talked about sexual response even sexual attraction we can say that they are just ordinarily people who need to be love and care for, they still have the sexual urgency and fantasies in their life but they have simply put it aside to give way to their passion to teach children and who knows? They may be happy about it. They will simply be single for the rest of their lives until they reach their age of resignation and later found out that they have wasted their energy on their profession but they were passionate about it and sex may not be their top priority but their job and love for children.

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