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Sample Impact of Employees Unethical Behaviour towards the Image of an Organization


Employees sometimes do unethical violation circumstances like threats, rumors, corruption, black propaganda, delays etc. all these may result in organizational dilemma the production might be affected and their images may also create a negative impact in their customers especially the customers buying perception and the impact causes their organization to lose its momentum in their market position. There are various reasons why employees misbehave like this one and most of the time it is their self interest or money matters is the main reasons.

This kind of move is unwise on the part of the employees and the guilty party who performed such violation should be given disciplinary measures or worst they can even be criminally liable because of their wrongdoing. A day of lost production in a company requires so much effort in recovery how much more about their bad records in the perception of the public. A single unethical behavior of an employee can do a severe problem in an organization as a whole that is why during the screening and hiring process the employees is required to submit their police records. Employees are trained and informed about their restriction and guidelines that they need t follow but sometimes employees still makes a fool action of selfishness and lack of discipline.

Unfortunately but true that no matter how good and equal the company to their employees there are times that employees can do misrepresentation of facts and varieties of activities that is not acceptable in the company. Big things or little things still equal to the lost of the company, they may take advantage of the phone calls, or take home some of company equipment or supplies, they may copy confidential documents for personal use and they may take advantage of their co workers position. Those things compensate to a varying degree that can be easily measured, but what if they created a bigger liability? Just like an accountant who transfer funds for another agency that cannot be traced, what if they have sold the blue prints and special procedures of a secret products to their competition.

This can result in a real danger that can put the company’s position at risk of falling down off guard, the company may even experience a traumatic after shock that will result in another case of injury on their part for example if a company programmer have stolen their laptop computer and never returns, the company will need to buy another one, and another problem would be the program that they used, the next thing they have to think of is the transaction or their customers and the list goes on and on. If you remember the scandal of Bill Clinton and her secretary Monica Lewinsky brought down the president to resign or be removed from its position or they will be ousted by the people, such immorality issues can bring the house down and their state at shame.

Unethical behavior and employees quarrelsome, mistrust and cynicism that should not be tolerated in the workplace that may result low productivity. The morality of the employees and the organization is highly affected and can be like a disease that is epidemic and cumbersome. The media can also take advantage of its situation, they may divulge such incidents of morality, severity that may create rational discrimination among customers and media is one of the hardest to prevent among issues of them all because they have the power to re-create issues.

There may come a time that unethical behavior is deliberately done by employees if they do not get what they want and what they deserved including employees demonstration, strikes, absences and other severe expression of behavior and the company should be ready for this situation for it can bring a great disaster if not given a course of solution from their employees perspective. Another strong forces than can affect the productivity of unethical behavior of employees is the competition, they may take advantage of the situation indirectly through a series of promotion and advertisement in their favor to eliminate the others.

Unethical behavior employees can be somehow prevented through certain measures mostly by giving them the right working attitude, training and motivation, good working environment and financial reward. This may not always be true because lack of personality traits are not always compensated this way but at least the company has exerted their efforts through consistent equal opportunity employment by giving their employees what they need. If the employees still continue their misbehavior, then by all means the company should exercise all their rights to fully implement its decision to remove them in their position.


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