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Sample Essay on the Improvement of the Performance of Nurses through Training and Development

Improvement of the Performance of Nurses through Training and Development

Current economic and political situation worldwide have a great impact on the health care inadequacies and problems that many health professionals are experiencing today. In this regard, appropriate action and response to this present health care situation is an indeed challenge to the health field. A consideration of the professional roles of nurses; as well as their proper training and development in the nursing field is very important factor in determining the quality of medical service they will give to their patients. However, based on the record, there is a serious shortfall of well-trained nurses in the globe, and majority of them have only limited education and training in the field. This article aims to establish the importance of advanced training and development of nurses in their performance improvement. It is found out that various nursing trainings and developments are expected in order to improve their actual performance in the health care system. And, it is important to identify their various skills insufficiency, and, by using this basis, modified post-registration education programs can be developed and implemented for the nurses. Similarly, this will provide them an accurate and reliable approach in defining their individual occupational roles; and be able to continue their trainings and education while practicing their profession.


A variety of geo-political factors have been the causes of the slow developing of health status of many health care providers in many countries. Like in Indonesia, survey shows that the present poverty condition among its people is most likely contributed to the poor health status of the country’s health care system. Poverty has been associated deeply with the serious health service problems in the increase of communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera and malaria among others. This kind of health situation really needs a great financial support from government in order to restructure the health care system. Furthermore, health care quality and accessibility can alleviate the increasing numbers of health problems in one country, if there would be enhancement of the standards of clinical provision among nurses and other health care providers. Correspondingly, health care professionals like nurses and midwives have an broad responsibility in managing the efficient and effective delivery of health care to their patients. But, because of the obvious shortages of medical equipments; as well as their underperformance and limited provision; many health care personnel are not being able to avail an excellent education and proper health care training in the field. Additionally, it is very vital for them to undergo such especial trainings and continuous education in order them to be well equipped with the advanced knowledge and medical skills that are needed primarily to attain efficacy and success in delivering health care service. More than that, nurses, are not only must develop the clinical skills, but they should also have a strong sensitivity to the diversified needs of the patients. This call takes a challenging act from both sides of the government and nurses at large, to be able to gain the essential basic trainings and developments in the health care profession. (

.Subsequently, nursing training and development can certainly improve significantly on the nurses’ performance; as to service delivery to the patients. Likewise, continuous education and trainings will provide a wide-ranged experience among nurses. And, they will become more qualify to deliver health care services to diverse patients in their region, and even abroad. In addition, the qualifications of the nurses are crucially based on their deep studies in the field. There are also nurses who are able to take various advanced studies and trainings in order to qualify to work internationally. The level of educational attainment and trainings are basically the primary standards of choosing the right candidate for a more advanced and complex job responsibility that may be given to qualified nurses. Relatively, the professional and competence limitations of each nurse, greatly depends on the unlimited training and development resources he or she has. Equally important, the effectiveness of the nurses’ performance can be determined through individual performance assessment system that is given annually among health care providers. Like any other government employees, nurses, too, are required to have a yearly IPA system, to monitor their efficiency and quality of standards they have acquired within the years of service. This IPA system is an effective mechanism in order to monitor further nurses’ knowledge, skills and capacity that are still needed to improve and develop. In the same manner, together these factors, signify that nurse education and development must be further optimized even they are practicing the profession. Trainings and developments among nurses would enable them to become more systematic and can facilitate a quicker health care service to their patients.




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