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Sample Employee Motivation and Constrain in the Civil Aviation of Zimbabwe


Civil Aviation Authority is an organization of air transport personnel whose primary responsible for travel security and safety of passengers. They can also investigate on accident and other measures providing rules and regulation by governing public and private air transportation. It is probably one of the most essential and largest services around the world because all countries are involved in Civil Aviation Authority, their expertise has passed on to generation and they have contributed largely to transport and tourism promotion.

The Civil Aviation Authority in Zimbabwe located in Harare International Airport as its main office. During the early 80’s the Air Zimbabwe r Airzim has recorded a sudden misfortune in its services, they started to lose revenue and they have investigated on such issues saying that this was the result of government poor policy, economic downtrends and mismanagement. They have also investigated on non competitive routes, air fuel consumption, fare structures and quality of personnel.

Using the given principles they have tried to re established the aviation until they slowly recovered during the early 90’s they have increased their services and they have replaced their old planes, they have also reduced their overhead expense to cover up for their operational lost. They have learned to new innovative techniques coming from foreign technology integration but the overall operation is still negative in the eyes of civil aviation authority that is why the Civil Aviation Authority have learned so much from Airzim Corporation that they realized the needs to motivate their employees to the highest standard in order to protect their company and its performance.

Zimbabwe has been included in the Yamoussoukro decision, a United Nation Economic Commission Air Transport Policy that will liberalize the International Civil Aviation of their country. Civil Aviation Authority was established in 1999 and they have strictly followed the transport policy that somehow results in increase in their aviation performance. They have also initiated employee motivation to keep a good record and improved services of their aviation personnel and their strategy was the following;

Communication process of personnel and their staff opens up a healthy atmosphere and standard measures of direct workflow, concerns are immediately transported to the personnel. Licenses of flight personnel is highly restricted so as to increase customers perception that they are qualified people and safety and security will be highly initiated if their employees are authorized to use such machineries including aircrafts and transport facilities inside and outside their airport during in flight.

They have also regulated the development of air transport services by training their employees about the ins and out services to its customers and they have provided high customers satisfaction because of good aviation personnel services including online booking that can make their employees more comfortable and their flight. Schedules are highly arranged, they have embarked on staff training of flight and non flight aviation employees and development being a flag carrier covering highly reliable personnel.

Incidents and accidents are somehow eliminated and they were happy about it since this is also a part of the United Nation Economic Commission Air Transport Policy although during those times only a few accidents happened in their aviation operation a prediction that this will increase better employment opportunities for all personnel. Their employees are given good salary and benefits and a complete structuring of their basic needs has become available. A little interference from their government to protect the workers has initiated and somehow the employment situation on Air Transport favors the aviation company and that is all they can do to motivate their employees.

Other services is also considered for their passengers but the result of their services is an increase and decrease or see-saw trends during the early 2000’s but again the unpredictable outcome of customers in their Aviation somehow constraint and delimit their transport flight that have resulted in some employee retrenchment and discoursed action to weigh down and cut the workforce through selection and retention process. Many Airlines services in Zimbabwe like AirZim have closed down or limit their services to domestic flight. Industry critics have somehow disagreed with the proposition of the slow growth that they have not maximized the resource distribution to share it to their employees.

Sub Saharan nations particularly Zimbabwe’s present economic condition remains unpredictable in aviation control and employee’s security remains in question although they can say that the economic system has largely improved. Even as of today the tourist destinations and incidence of violence, safety and security due to political constrain has been the reasons why their aviation practices has not totally improved and this is the reasons why motivated employees in their aviation services are delimited because of fear in job security.


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