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Foreign Literature Thesis on Hardware Inventory System


Hardware inventory system is also software but it may be confusing because of what the name implies. It is software that you need to install on your computer to detect most of the hardware in your PC or Mac. It will track all working hardware devices that the system can understand it can also give additional information that the hardware inventory system cannot understand but it will show a sign of hardware detection but unknown brand or known brand but unusable.

Devices that cannot be detected by the system may not be installed correctly or it may be physically installed but it may not be detected by the computer system itself or the hardware may be physically damage or broken. You may also ask why is there a need to have a hardware inventory system installed on your computer or is it ever important at all. First and foremost it may sound odd for non techie and it may take a while to understand its importance but a hardware inventory system does not only detect the parts of your computer, technician find it easy to use this system to easily identify the reason why a certain parts of your computer and why it is not working.

For instance the sound of your computer suddenly became distorted and later on become silent, you have checked all your cable and you also checked for errors but still there is no sound. There goes the technician who would install a certain system and may say that your hardware card has not been detected. You easily understand that you will need to buy a certain parts of your computer that is damage because of the hardware inventory system. It can simply do just that, detecting hardware and easily understand the PC or Mac error using such system.

Some techie person may say that windows have a hardware inventory system detection device inside it and that is true. You can find it by following this series; right click my computer>> choose properties >> the system properties window will appear click hardware tab>> choose device manager and you can see the basic hardware components that is working. It you see a yellow question mark that means that the system may have been installed but it is not working or it may require a driver, this is probably one of the biggest problem that even the best technicians can ever find if they found out that a certain hardware may need a driver because it is not easy to look for it over the internet.

It is not the driver who can drive a car or motorcycle, what it wants you to look for is another system that is needed to run the hardware. In our example is the sound driver, windows may detect the problem that you need a driver but it does not suggest any idea of how or where are you going to find such system. And that’s another reason why you may need to find the Hardware Inventory System it just doesn’t detect hardware it will also give you a suggestion of what you are going to look for or where you can find it over the internet, it also include additional services depending on your needs and these are the real reason why you need a third party hardware inventory system rather than windows operating system.

If you have already install a hardware inventory system on your computer chances are you can easily find what is the problem of your PC or Mac and that system will give you a solution easily. If you find it hard to understand this principle you may need to download a sample system and find out for yourself how it really works. You may need to study the system and its configuration after the installation but it is easy, usually it will help you to navigate the system and how easy it is to use. Visit and choose a system according to your needs, there is also additional information and review here; click the link and learn about their suggestions and reviews. You may also download a trial or free hardware inventory system in

If you already know how to use the system you can also use it in your school or office to provide an aid in your computing habit but don’t be instantly excited about your discovery because if you used the system and you set some tabs or experiment on its settings that you don’t really understand the functions, some of your devices may become ill or damage and may not work because of improper settings, making your computer stagnant and unusable so be careful while using the system.


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