September 3, 2011

Corporal Punishment should be Banned in all the Schools and Colleges


Corporal punishment is a form of physical torture by beating, thrashing or whipping the students and they manifest in school without the parents knowing it, usually this are the results of misbehavior of children and students in school. Very young children who suffered in physical punishment may also suffered psychologically, their mental capacity may already produce anxiety and a certain form of phobia. Some teachers may call this some form of discipline during the old times but sometimes it do so much harm some parts of their body are disabled.

Teachers throw a pencil that hits the eyes of one student that cause him half blind, grade one student age of seven raped, 12 years old beaten hard by teacher has been paralyzed, stories like these are rampant is many newspapers and broadcast media. But as of today most countries do not allow physical contacts on the children since they are only allowed to discipline children verbally but they are not allowed to hit them physically because it is definitely a form of violence that are not to be tolerated in school. Abusive behavior of teachers should be condemned and stop for some teachers and authorities may have the power to overly exercise such very young delicate body of students that may destroy their capacity to learn.

In most countries, corporal punishment is still practiced illegally that is why if there are incidents that have been reported it should be the teacher nor the person who has done the punishment should be the one to be given disciplinary action. Teachers and school authorities should be the one to practice high level of tolerance and they should be the role model in school rather than be a prime suspect of abusive behavior to punish and degrade the spirit of a child through beating them.

In colleges there are some forms of activities that lead to corporal punishment these are organization like Citizen Military Training that students are trained in a military ways that they performed various source of punishment that physically abused their body. They may be trained to drink dirty waters with spit; sometimes they will cross the rivers in the middle of the night fully nude while in training, they are command to perform heavy exercise like push up and other punishment. Sometimes they will be paddled in the back so as to strengthen their body but undeniably they were tortured and sometimes died and there goes the family who run after the culprit but they were gone and no one is left to blame.

Fraternity or Sorority in Universities and Colleges are mostly the one who have been reported many times around the world killing college students in hazing while neophyte girl in order to join the gang would choose if they would be raped or they will need to give something that has been stolen to prove their worth. And when she chooses to steal something she’s still have been neither raped nor brutally killed by their superior or masters.

One male student who would like to join the fraternity would be tested before they are allowed, he would walk at night and be blinded and tied and several members would beat him and slap his face several times until he falls down, but he could not give up suffering heavy wounds and scars that killed him. The authority still not able to find a sign about the murder but it happened inside the school but some students proved that their teacher are involved in the hazing. All this are form of severe punishment and abusive behavior has been caused by the outside source in school they may or may not be able to deal with it but surely it happen inside the school, I have not included the name of Universities to protect their dignity. All this are corporal punishment of their choice but definitely not acceptable in the society because it is a form of crime in any ways and not brotherhood like they always says when masters have been caught.

Schools and University should not allow such organization in their institution for it will definitely create a negative impression that will demoralize the school but rather they should promote activities that can help their students being a good students and citizens with high dignity and morality that makes them proud. Activities like in a Christian organization clean and green, cultural and talents are more school like rather than brutal death of innocence should be the next headline in their University. Again Academic Universities and Colleges should be the source of discipline and character building, being a teacher should be a noble profession that is highly respected. Loving, nurturing and caring should be their ideas and as much as possible must be delivered and manifest in school rather than hatred and punishment.

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