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An Application of the Group Rorschach Technique to the Problem of Achievement in College


Rorschach test or inkblot test is a series of psychological test to examine the emotional personality of people. This test will determine if a person has an underlying psychological impulsion that has not been describe or identified. The method used in Rorschach is almost the same as in Thematic Apperception Reaction but the difference is that Rorschach testing uses inkblots or ink series that can be identified or given evaluation by the student or patients while thematic approach uses an identifiable features. They also differ in evaluation process.

Hermann Rorschach has identified the series for groups of blots for military investigation that complicates such tasks when a group of soldiers are given the test of identifying such cards with blots of ink that results in blind analysis of different identification and interpretation started out to become a strategic testing techniques in the field of psychology and in the present times has been used in organizations, hospitals and colleges for the purpose of personality evaluation. Surprisingly the method has been adopted by and applied for mentally disturbed patients in this present time.

In relation to college students the use of this system has grown considerably, it is used in college schools for guidance counseling, screening and validation analysis. There was a recent study of McGill University to evaluate freshmen college students from poor to excellent using group Rorschach. Out of 108 students only 14 shows a poor average while 94 shows a combined grade of average and excellent. The test was quite remarkable when the students shows a progression that the 14 students shows academic difficulty during their first year while almost 86% of those 94 students shows a good grade, while the other 14 shows an average this shows a good conclusion determinant that Rorschach really works, they are able to identify from the start how the student would reach during the first year.

There are also specific predictions about group and individual anxieties, maturity derived from Sarah Lawrence College for they have perform a large scale test using Rorschach. The results seem to show a series of important implication on their student’s evaluation the inkblot test shows a fundamental clinical and behavioral insight to the students. Through this they can evaluate the variation and recommendations of students of how they will plan their approach to the students or how they can cover up the specific area of difficulties of students, the result can even identify the names of specific students that they qualify or included in the progression of learning. According to Harrower Erickson the results was a success, out of 45 students 39 passed and only 1 were in bad position.

But there is controversy from the faculty that creates arguments and debate that the results have been purely clinical and not academic therefore should not be used as basis for evaluation, the idea of Rorschach technique is therefore questioned. The evaluation should be discussed rather than monopolized by the theory of the test.

They have renewed the test to depend their theory that is to administer the students under carefully controlled condition to take the test. The result was again a success out of 100 girls rated to be fair 97 shows a fair performance, while the other results 33 shows inadequate response that proves them 30 has made inadequacy in school. 13 were rate worst and 12 of them failed, 19 shows a poor grade in inkblots and 18 shows a poor grade after a year in school. Although the inkblot test do not show the names of the students the statistic seems to show a comparative relation that is almost equal.

In spite the fact that there are many other average and adequate series of inkblot examination success in college shows that predictability of responses, this highly critical test do not always been adoptable in schools up to the present times although it has been accepted to work only on individual. Most College Universities do not take the risk or doesn’t really require the importance of the Rorschach evaluation test in their institution. Some scholars would even agree that the results were mostly prediction and not facts nor analytical in nature.

To be able to measure the capability of mentally ill or normal person should go to a clearer senses of examination. Mrs. Schidl Waehner shows a finding that is it possible to use the theory but there should be a device measurement and innovation for evaluation or general adjustment because the process is not just systematic inkblots. This theory brings us back to the question if this test is should be used in group college evaluation or not, is up to the person or University who believes in it.


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