October 15, 2009

Please discuss your post-MBA short- and long-term professional goals. How will your professional experience, when combined with a Kelley MBA degree, allow you to achieve these goals? Research Proposal

Search more Proposals here : Sample Research Proposal Instructions June- 2000, A brief period of little over one year, after my high school, I joined my dad's manufacturing firm. My stint with his business soiled the seeds of entrepreneurship in me . Since then I have tried grabbing every to learn the skills needed to be a successful . Realizing ample growth of e-commerce in the coming years, I graduated with a degree in computer science. The degree equipped me with technological, computing and analytical skills required in today's business world. After completing my engineering degree, I wanted to work for sometime before pursuing my MBA as prior work experience greatly enhances the learning one got at a business school. Hence, currently with more than three years of experience in Accenture and close to two years of experience in marketing I believe it's the right time for me to take the big leap and carve my skills in a B school. During the last three years in Accenture, my assignments have exposed me to various sides of how MNC's work. By Analyzing the Business requirements for eCommerce department of Bellsouth for a year and then AT&T for another year, I discovered that a customer centric approach is imperative for sustainable, profitable growth across industry sectors. I learned about the business logic behind launch of a new service, or targeting a particular consumer sector, which helped AT&T generate huge revenues. I worked as a test analyst. My role demands patience and a critiques eye.. It requires me to validate a functioning of a system with a business and clients perspective, rather than a developers eye. Often such a work which requires things to be critiqued invites disharmony between the different teams, hence it is imperative for me to maintain a healthy work environment within the team. It has helped me tremendously in learning to work in a team even under tense circumstances. My role has provided me with an eye to view things objectively . I got an opportunity to be a volunteer of an elite group known as PULSE, which helped me tremendously in understanding the Accenture's leadership perspective, when they had to balance Business and the needs of their employees. At PULSE, our role was to act as bridges between the employees and the leadership. Skipping the middle management gave helped us bring issues that employees faced in notice of the leadership. While all this was done, our focus was to identify patterns of problems. Once a pattern was identified, PULSE would brainstorm to come up with possible solutions and present them to the leadership. It was up to the leadership to decide to implement any of the solutions. The PULSE experience gave me an opportunity to work with Accenture leadership and understand their way of thinking. I have always taken a deep interest in my father's business of tent manufacturing. At the age of 18, I helped my father decide to include a fleet of new products to capture market share. In another project, I worked closely with him to set up a water purifier plant. To close the deal, I met the dealers to acquire the product and interacted with potential clients in attempt to make a strong customer base. . It taught me the importance of maintaining professional ties which directly affects revenues. I was also involved immensely in managing our staff which ranged from uneducated labors to educated managers. Undoubtedly, at that young age I struggled to balance my relationship with different set of people, though with age, as I have matured so have my managerial skills. It was a great learning experience which induced in me marketing skills required to survive in a competitive world at a very basic level. At the same time when I was working with Accenture, I got an opportunity to be involved with Questnet, a firm offers a highly diverse product portfolio for their customers and a well-proven business opportunity for people to start and run their own business. Questnet works on the concept of direct marketing. In view of my long term desire to start my own venture, I grabbed the opportunity to learn as much as I could from the experience. I sharpened my skill as a presenter to present the range of products that the companies had to offer. With being a presenter I learned the art of presenting in the most eloquent way and the ability to accept "NO" as an answer. With my team size growing exponentially, I successfully generated a work force of over 300 people in a year. To keep the sales going at the same rate, I organized a weekly meting, where I used o segregate teams into smaller divisions and identify a leader for each. Assigning a pragmatic goal to each team was a key to our success. The journey gave me self belief in my abilities to lead big teams. I gained the confidence of leading a group of people and motivating them to reach their own as well s the company's milestone. My Interaction with people from a very diverse professional background helped me gain insight to the challenges that different industries face. By establishing a short term goal for myself and each of my team members I was able to motivate them to work towards that goal. During my time spent working with that firm I organized an event in which over 2000 people participated. The event constituted of speakers who have excelled in different areas of leadership. I got an opportunity to address the crowd and present my views on Mentoring. I believe that mentoring is a very important part of any leader who wants to do well in an organization. I visited Malaysia for a brief period of 15 days. I attended a conference on leadership and interacted with different leaders with huge networks. After graduating from Kelley, I welcome the opportunity to apply my skills at an organization such as Procter & Gamble in a Product Management portfolio. I believe that innate skills like espirit de corps, analytical ability and effective decision making skills will bolster my chances to get such a job. As a mid term goal, I would like to manage different segments, such as advertising, sales promotion and entertainment media and eventually develop different brands. A Kelley MBA and experience as a product manager would help me realize my career goal of starting a Marketing firm which concentrates on brand consulting, advertising, PR, and Sales promotion. With the world getting flatter by the day, I aim at reaching out to the developing economies with a firm that provides the most creative marketing solutions. While a background in information and technology has enabled me to work in an environment which thrives with innovative technology, I believe that I have limited exposure to Global Marketing Management and , thus, obtaining an MBA at this time will provide the necessary platform to switch careers from being an analyst in information technology industry to become a brand manager in marketing and eventually owning my own firm. Among the various programs offered by other business schools, Kelley's MBA easily stands out as my top choice. The unique accelerated Kelley's 15 week Integrated Core program is absolutely an ideal program to give me a jump start. In this demanding program I'll thoroughly develop and enhance my understanding of every business challenge presented and how to attack it from many perspectives. A Major in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation would expose me to the various facets of the business world. I am extremely excited to take up courses such as: New Products Management; Managing Advertising and Sales Promotion; Venture Strategy. In addition, I'll keenly participate in the unique academies such as the Consumer Marketing Academy and Entrepreneurial Management Academy, to gain invaluable industry insight and experience, shape my global business and management perspectives and develop networks with leading company executives and top-level corporate executives. I'll line up with a business plan team to participate in the Case Competitions to demonstrate teamwork, analysis and presentations skills. Furthermore, I'll like to be a part of the Kelley Marketing Club and the Graduate Entrepreneur Club and to improve my leadership and interpersonal skills by networking with peers, faculty, business leaders, and recruiters. You can also check these papers.

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