October 11, 2009

Avian Influenza (H1N5 ) In Egypt Research Proposal

Search more Proposals here : Sample Research Proposal Instructions Hi Dear, 2500 words (limits) and 10 references minimum Topic : (Avian Influenza In Egypt) if the sources not available you can choose (HIV/AIDS) In India Proposal for a health promotion intervention This assignment requires you to develop a health promotion intervention/ initiative to address the determinants of health in a community of your choice. In developing this plan you are asked to apply the theoretical perspectives you have learnt in this course and ensure that your plan follows the principles of best practice explored in the course. You are asked to support and justify the various choices you make in the plan through your use of and critical engagement with relevant literature. This means in planning your intervention, you will need to go beyond the literature provided in this course. For this particular plan you need not work out a budget. The components of the plan should include the following: situation: (analysis, needs assessment, goals and objectives, strategies, implementation plan (project activities, time line and who responsible) and evaluation plan. Be sure to refer to relevant literature within each stage of your plan (see box at end of this section. Aims • To apply best practice health promotion principles in planning and developing health promotion interventions for improving health of communities. • To identify appropriate strategies for addressing social determinants of health. • To critically reflect on the work of developing health promotion interventions Task description This is an individual assignment which involves the following tasks. • Select a community of interest to you. Describe the demographic characteristics and major health concerns for this community. Use all available resources – both published and unpublished to do this. • Explore the social determinants influencing the health of this community, based on evidence from literature. Choose the determinant(s) that you think will have the most significant impact on this community's health. In choosing the determinant(s) you are asked to support your choice through your use of, and critical engagement with relevant literature. • Do a literature search of health promotion interventions documented as having been either successful or unsuccessful in reducing the negative impact of your chosen determinant(s) on health. before you embark on identifying relevant literature to review you will need to first do the library tutorials (see the links to the ELISE postgraduate tutorials and to the library information skills, below under 'Library resources').You are expected to refer to at least 10 literature sources (all or the majority of them peer reviewed) that are related to your chosen determinant(s). • Based on your critical review of the literature, develop a plan for a health promotion initiative that will reduce the negative impact of your chosen determinant(s) on the health of your selected community. In developing this plan you are asked to support your choice of strategies through your use of, and critical engagement with relevant literature. Demonstrate that your suggested intervention reflects best practice by supporting your decisions with relevant literature sources. • Finally, critically reflect on the strengths and limitations of current best practice from the perspective of your chosen determinants and your target community Thank You You can also check these papers.

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