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Sample Research on Manufacturing

The topic of this thesis proposal was important and interesting for the author because the study has not been subject into enormous study and furthermore such happening is currently present, hence, the issue is still new. The determination of the comprehensiveness of this paper will depend on how the author will be able to present ideas and theories that have relation to the chosen topic and problem.

The business world is facing a crisis, especially in the supply of oil products. Another problem is the fact that United States of America, one of the states that have been powerful in the world-market is likewise experiencing the same crisis. Not all in the business industry is reaping its success as the world crisis was continuously pulling down all the essential requirements that could be of help in the process of their success.

While there is world crisis, the effect of which to the manufacturing industry put a demand to produce a comprehensive plan for innovation. The manufacturing is defined as the process wherein there is a need to employ labor and process to come up with a product. The manufacturing industry is greatly affected by the world crisis because such industry works or run together with the cycle of an economy of one's country.

There is a need for the consumers to be secured by the stability of the economy in order that the business conduct of manufacturing industry will be able to determine the amount of demand that the consumers needed.

On the other hand, it is necessary for the economy to let the manufacturing industry flourish in order to behave a consistent progress of the economy. There is a need to determine the fact the way the world crisis will affect the manufacturing in order for the companies to implement plans that will make their business conduct be more efficient in response to the ever changing demand of the consumers.

 Manufacturing industries must not deviate from the goals of their company because such goals will determine how the business conduct will be able to carry out the processes it has been practicing all through out the years of its existence.

As aforementioned, one of the causes of the world crisis is the fact that oil price has been emerging high in the market. Some marketing industries needs oil in order to make their machines work, which in turn will make the machines produce products. The delivery of products to the consumers whether massive or not also needs oil in order to make deliveries faster and efficient. From this note, the thesis has some discussion or presentation as to the effect of oil crisis in the manufacturing business.

Another reason cited is the problem that the United States of America is facing a problem on its housing market. The problem is not related to the problem on the country's housing market, but on the fact that the United States of America is one of the great player world economies, taking into account the fact that the economy of the mentioned State has been one of the main factors in determining the success of other States.

In relation to manufacturing industry, the instability of the economy of the United States of America makes the companies shaky in terms of their business conduct. This is attributed to the fact that the some of the big companies in the USA collaborated with the small-scale manufacturing located in developing countries. Hence, if such companies will experience some problems because of the economy of the USA, then such small-scale manufacturing industries will be tremendously affected because of its dependency to the conduct of business with the big corporations.

Lastly, the manufacturing will not lost its existence in the business industry so long as there are consumers. However, the only underlying problem is on how to make manufacturing subsist. The means that must be taken into consideration by the company must be efficient. The efficiency of such plan will depend on how the company, the employees, the consumers, and other business partners are able to adapt and accept such changes or innovation.

The author does not impose that there is a need for an innovation. The author would like to present on this paper how the manufacturing companies would be able to make the most of out their resources. The process of innovation may be of help for the company if in case its previous practice will not meet the demands of the rapid changes of world market.


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