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With Conctrete Examples, Describe and Discuss how Language Content in a Communicative Syllabus can be Designed


Communicative Syllabus is a design of academic and language inclusions for teaching foreign language learners. The syllabus has been developed to provide a deeper second language appreciation more than just linguistic knowledge and perception but more on communicative functionality and approaches. The aim of this practice is to really help the student to exercise and practice in full use the second language that they have learned so as to give them a more competitive advantage in general. Usually English has been the world’s most dominating language content in communicative syllabus since it is used around the world and it is evitable to understand and use such languages, the language should be acted upon not just learned and understand.

The deeper teaching methods and the exercises may sometimes create a problem to more students but they should be motivated to express their ideas to master the communicative syllabus that they need. The language in communicative syllabus is also included in general practices example in physical education English is the usual instruction, in poetry and oration the second language is used in communicative tool. In other countries English, Spanish and Chinese languages were among the most popular language content in a communicative syllabus. In many schools in Asia including Philippines, India, Malaysia, Singapore, China etc. the English language is highly practiced and used as a medium of learning.

It is highly acceptable that the second language proficiency especially the English language should be highly learned communicated to achieve in the 21st century dream. English Language Content can be included in kindergarten, grade-school, high school and college from foreign so as to familiarize themselves necessarily that they can retain it in their personality while they grow. It may be hard to set a concrete example from the beginning especially for students who hardly speak or heard such language but eventually they will familiarize themselves from continues practice.

Communication and signs inclusion - English practices is exercised from the beginning of the class a real example would be a greetings. Good morning teacher good morning classmates how are you? I’m fine thank you! How about you? How are you? In their mirrors includes how do I look? In their walls says pls. use the other door, pls. do not liter. Words like this are normally included in communication. During flag ceremony and flag retreat English is widely practiced, books are literally written in English for practices, that is why assignment is done also in English. This can create a subconscious learning habit and practices.

Socio Cultural Language practice – There are also English inclusions that need to be practiced in various subject for example in social education their teaching methods includes an English discussion and students is only allowed to answer in English. The method of teaching in their native tongue may not be allowed in a moment, but English should be included, this way the second language is designed and may force the students to practice such language inclusion.

Language structuring – The children are taught to practice and write the second language and be able to write and read them aloud in the class. They are highly taught to learn language based structuring of grammar and error correction like synonyms and antonyms of language based theme example is deer which is a wild animal and dear a loved one and its differences, they are also taught about the rules of world or morphology example is the use of “he, she, by, the, a” etc., students can also learn phonology and correct sound modification examples are lips, slip, blue, blew, through, threw etc. and syntax sentence structures among others are included in reading, writing and speaking behavior of students.

The importance of Multi-media – Computer generated tutorials and lessons in actual scene is very useful and can be a more important tool, students can record and transcribe their learning potentials and they learn in fun environment they can simply use the interactive software individually or as a team using computer to check on their grammar or face to face approach discussions and seminars. Computer will also be the one to check on their status as they progress along the entire course. Children can also learn on the internet at home.

Communication practices – Is basically the most important when put in use that is how they are given the basis of analysis and competence when they can apply what they have just learned. Firstly they will learn through class discussions readings, writing and lastly actual practice that includes reinforcing their knowledge through participation and interaction, their communicative behavior for example they are given a group discussion in front of the class and they have to actively discuss it in second language like English, Spanish, Chinese etc. another is a group interview or student to teacher discussions, community interview, gathering and socializing and other practical examples that they will need to practice the use of the second language.


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